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Who doesn't wear skincare, am I right? Yes, it doesn't matter how many types of skincare brand you use, it's all a must-have for us, especially girls! Who doesn't love their skin btw? Well, I was totally shocked when I get to know that there are this brand which offers RM 1 for most of the items they are selling. I couldn't help myself but expense it as much as I can!

Let's us talk about the masks first.

Well, the face masks is as good as other brands too! There are also many types of masks available. I bought so many of them & there are these 4 pcs left so I was thinking to grab it more after this. There are not only face masks available there, but also eyes masks & hair masks! I need it a lot to moisturize my skin especially at night. Well, only at RM 1, it is totally affordable & worth because I'm used to buy face masks at SASA because I think that's the cheapest in town I can get but not now.

Wondering what is this....? 
Yes, they are some types of makeups available too! SAVEE sells some kind of makeup (which is not really a high quality) but I do love the texture of it's CC balm, lip balm, eyeshadow because it has a very smooth & light texture which makes me feel comfortable wearing them.

Left : Magic Lip which is for your lips! In your order you want to look nice without wearing lipstick, you can easily apply that magic lip to your lips. It is something like coloured-lip balm.

Center : Eye tattoo which is used for your eyes & acts as eyeshadow. The difference is eye tattoo is liquid texture & it is long lasting! I do not even know why I purchase things I think I will not wear, I do love the case, maybe. 

Right : Flavored Lip Balm is totally a must for me since I love to wear matte lipstick (wait, who doesn't?) Well, this lip balm has some flavor like orange, strawberry & etc. I sometimes lick my own lips just to taste the flavor hahahahaha why not

Last but not least, my purchase is CC Balm!

Actually, I do not see that much difference between these two CC balm, I guess just the outside texture & maybe the case. Well, you can see that the left one is more creamy than the right one but still, they have the same functions! It acts briefly like foundation. You don't even have to apply much on your face, it's save! Light texture makes me love it more & more.

Well, all of this items are only at RM 1 each, so I don't think that would be a problem for me & most of you. Why pay more? I grab all these SAVEE stuff at AEON Bandaraya Melaka (if you are Malaccan) & some other states (but I don't specifically know) so do not forget to grab yours. Be smart in expenses!


  1. wahhh.. rm1? tapi area sini xde aeon..ruginya x dpt nak beli..

  2. Kat area Mrs. A memang ada Aeon tapi tak pernah terserempak pulak ada product ni

  3. @C i k R e n e x Hahaha memang certain Aeon takde. Ni pun tak silap baru 2 bulan lepas ada

  4. @Mrs. A tak semua Aeon ada. Yang dekat sini pun baru lagi

  5. Pernah nmpk promotion ni kat SACC shah alam, memang kelabu mata memilih antara borong semua, dengan duit terbang. hahaha

  6. @Noor Maizan Yes, even RM 1 pun nanti jadi RM 30 terus

  7. awak tau tak kat mana nak cari cawangan save ni?jimat kot beli mask nye satu seringgit,rasa gembira sangat :)

  8. Omg wait, am I late in reading this post? I wonder if the sale is still available at AEON Melaka, kenapa macam tak pernah nampak eh... Kalau ada hari ni jugak nak pergi >O<

    ieyra h. | blog

  9. @ieyra h. yeah you should go there! Around food avenue dekat see u steamboat!

  10. tak pernah cuba lagi product ni. salam kenal dr


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