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My Blogging Routine

30/01/2017 I have to say this, I lost interest in writing/updating my blog slowly. I also lost interest to look up the viewers to my blog & all. Btw, If anyone wonder, how I blogging, this is the right post for you. I make this post to give you ideas on blogging. It's all about the time & even what I will do when I'm blogging. I guess this is a must-share post for you guys because it can be used by all bloggers out there who think that my routine is beneficial for you.

How I Deal With Tough Times

I love to inspire people a lot, not because of my lifestyle or whatever. I just want people to be happy & live happily because I love to see how they continue their life happily like they are not burdened with tons of problems. Who doesn't feel happy seeing anyone else happy, right?

Beauty Tips | Myth vs Fact

15/01/2017 Every things that happen in our daily life has it's own myth & fact. Do you even know sometimes myth is the fact as well? But for me, I don't think so. Myth is even popular among people because they think it is true based on their own 'unsure' experience. Thus, it makes people start to believe myth is a fact. But it is not actually. 

5 Things Under RM 5

11/01/2017 I love to go to some kind of factory stores which sells things/stuff at the most cheapest price in town. There are also stores like 'kedai 2 ringgit'  available all over Malaysia, it is anywhere to be found in Malacca. Fortunately there is Mr. DIY, a store which I visit often, very often!

2017 Must-watch Movies

07/01/2017 Happy New Year! 2017 life!!! Well, a lot of things happen during the early of 2017. However it is, I feel thankful that I finally moved to another phase, adult phase! No more teen years, & I hope something higher in this year because I don't want the same thing happen to me all over again.