5 Things Under RM 5


I love to go to some kind of factory stores which sells things/stuff at the most cheapest price in town. There are also stores like 'kedai 2 ringgit' available all over Malaysia, it is anywhere to be found in Malacca. Fortunately there is Mr. DIY, a store which I visit often, very often!

I was thinking to make this post to share with you guys out there that I am this kind of person who will purchase things that are totally worth buying with the affordable price. Yep, totally AFFORDABLE. As you can see above, they are all the 5 things I said that are under RM 5 only! Surprisingly, they are all beneficial to me & maybe some of you, so why not we take a look to these things.

Deco Cushion

This deco cushion I bought for only RM 2.13 at RM 2 Store in Senawang if I'm not mistaken. Tbh, Negeri Sembilan has a lot of kedai 2 ringgit. Where ever I went that time, I found some RM 2 stores all around me. Thus, I decided to take a look at one of them & I found this cushion which is used to decorate my car.


This shades I bought from the same RM 2 Store that I bought the cushion. Well, I can say that the quality is not as good as branded one but, the design of the shape itself is kinda good. It doesn't look like a 2 ringgit shades...? Or maybe yes but yeah, I love shades so why not?

Flip Mirror

This flip mirror costs you only RM 4.90 at Mr. DIY. The reason why I bought it because I need a mirror where I can put it anywhere whether on my bed, on my study table or anywhere around because I care about my face terribly. Besides, I also put on makeup not at my makeup table, but anywhere I want to. That's why this kind of mirror is needed most.

Phone Holder

I know, this phone holder is totally cute just like me. Ops. This apple-shape of phone holder is suitable to hold your phone so that your phone did not mess anywhere. Well, I bought this phone holder at Mr. DIY as well as the flip mirror at RM 2 something.


This pink socks I bought at Giant Hypermarket. As you can see, it is only RM 1.50!!! What a satisfy deal to be really honest. I do grab it because I think this is cute & I even haven't use it. I'm not really sure when to wear it but all I can say is I am really happy with this purchase. It's pink & cute, it's a big regret if I did not grab it, right?

So, what are 5 Things you bought that is under RM 5/ 5 dollar? Maybe you can share with me on the comment box below. Thank you for reading fellas. 



  1. This post is still on my blog post ideas list but I don't know when will I do one. But overall, there's still good and quality items on the market that cost under RM5, right?

    Btw great purchased, Azreen 😊

  2. @Syaza Raihanah I did the same blog post idea! Hahaha you should do anytime. Well, those things are totally valueable. Thank you, Syaza!

  3. wow impressive!

    mentang2 tahun 2017 tahun saving..maka menjadi2 lah saving tahun ni dengan adanya kedai jimat cengginih.. thumbs up dear for this sharin

  4. I hate going to Mr.DIY 'cos I always have the urge to buy stuffs that I didn't need hahaha I usually buy pens there. And snacks in Kedai RM2 back then when I was still in college.

  5. Mr.DIY and kedai RM 2 is a heaven for cheapskate like me.. xD
    Masuk Mr Diy kalau tak beli barang, tak sah..

  6. the joy of buying good stuff and cheap price. i actually also bought a sock simply because it is so cute and cost me rm1 only! it was so spontaneous. it's been a while for me to get hunting like this so I seriously has no idea. i should write this topic as well.

  7. @Husna RahmanYes well I've been looking up to post more about this kind of post!

  8. @PuteriI always go to Mr DIY for nothing but then I bought a bulk of things I dont know when I needed hahahaha

  9. @FlavneszYes it is! There's always a thing that we wanted to buy

  10. @Nurul AfifahYeah, I think you should because it makes people realise that unbranded & cheap items can simply satisfy us a lot!

  11. wow, all the product is under RM 5? That's amazing! I'm eyeing on the phone holder hehe :D

  12. @FatinaThat phone holder is non-regret purchase ever!

  13. hi,morning.. saya datang follow blog awak :)


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