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An Open Letter For The Broken Souls

Photo Credit:  HERE I am dedicating this open letter to all broken souls especially my friends, who are battling with their own emotions, trying their best to pick up themselves when they are now at their lowest. I know, my friends are going through their hard times now, but remember that you guys are not facing this alone. There are a lot of people who love you guys cuz me too. I'd like to thank my friends for giving me such inspiration to write this, since I am looking forward to write free-writing posts instead of focusing on what I usually do, I know I have been hiatus on blog for a month, because I am actually picking myself up too, until today.  All broken souls out there, remember there are thousands of reasons to be happy,  why would you waste your time, thinking, regretting, mourning, for things that are unnecessary, for things that will never change, for things that hurt you, for things that made you lose yourself. All broken souls out t