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OOTD Post!

Photo credit:  HERE Been looking for a fashion post to pop on my blog? Now is the time. OOTD entry takes place for this March. Well, this post is not a really highlighting my 'stunning' OOTD, just a simple ones that maybe you look up to & casuals to wear to class or even for a walk. If you know me well, you will know that I am totally a shy person so to be fashionable & be different is not my thing. I really have zero confidence wearing something good & stunning or even something different. I would go for something casual, easy to wear & make sure nothing special about my outfit because I hate when some catches their eyes on me. Let's get started! Uh wait, before that, please forgive my pose hehehe. This is my latest OOTD post on instagram, during my degree life now. Well, I usually go for casual wear so it more comfortable for me because I need to walk & hike just to go to my faculty & I know I will sweat a lot. Well, Guess where I