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Movie Review: Annabelle Comes Home

Photo Credit :  HERE I have this kind of love-hate relationship with horror movies. I love to watch it, but I know I'm a scaredy-cat that I might freaked the hell out when I watched this genre. Anyway, Annabelle is one of the most popular horror movies that I never missed, thus this time I decided that I must watch Annabelle Comes Home by hook or by crook. I watched Annabelle Comes Home at TGV Cinema Central i-City Shah Alam with a whole bunch of my members, with baju kurung since we just finished raya at Sabrina's crib. It was fun because there were 8 of us, that's quite a lot for me. Here's a brief about Annabelle Comes Home Directed by: Gary Dauberman Runtime: 100 mins Language: English In theater: 26 June 2019 Move to the movie, the movie Annabelle Comes Homes is a continued from Annabelle: Creation, where the Warren couple brought back the Annabelle and placed it in the glass box in a room full of spiritual things they collect. One da

Coal Face Soap & Rosa Glow Essence by Kayman Beauty Review

First and foremost, I must tell you that I have been waiting to lay my hands on these products a long time ago. If you read all the feedback and results the products give to consumers, it works totally wonder and that makes me want to try it. Kayman Beauty is a well-known local brand that is safe and guaranteed based on the experiment from its founder itself & that encourages me more to try this out.   Plus, I don't really trust local brands but seeing the efforts from the founder (literally not timbang kilo type of product) and reading the feedback, I think this product should get attention from ladies out there. Looking forward this product to be exported into international market. Too much rants, I bought these 2 products which is Coal Face Soap & Rosa Glow Essence for RM 35 and RM 89 respectively. I bought from one of Kayman's agent that covers Shah Alam area. To be frankly honest, I bought these 3 months ago, which was in April. Let's talk abou