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My Makeup Sins


If you are my followers & readers to my blog, you will get to know me that I am not into makeups. I am potentially to have some makeup sins, of course! Actually, I have a lot of makeup sins since I am not into makeups & I also don't really know how to wear makeup properly. Sounds pretty funny, huh?

In whatever we do, there is always mistakes we made because well yeah, we are either not into something, we are tend not to follow all the must-do things or even we are out or lack of information about that thing. 

But don't worry, things will get changed if you are willing to. That doesn't mean you are not good just because you make mistakes, it is just you are trying to be better with that kind of thing. Chill, nobody is perfect by the way.

So, let's get started with my makeup sins.

I'm not wearing any foundation

I hate to wear foundation & I even hate when it covers my face like how can my skin breathe & get healthier even though skincare can help me with that? I hate it when my face feels so heavy with the foundation & all & that is why I am prefer to only put on cream. Day & night cream which has a very light texture compared to foundation.

Sometimes, I also put on CC cream which I bought at Daiso (because I want to try its brand whether good or nah) but yes, it can fully covers the flaws on my skin like how foundation did but it's light texture is just so lovely. Me & foundation isn't friends.

I never know how to apply eyeliner properly

This is the very very very error in my entire life. I'm used to wear eyeliner because it makes my eyes look bright & big but I don't know how to apply it properly & nice. It always went wrong & I really don't understand how girls can apply eyeliner like so perfect.

Blending eyeshadow? WHAT

I rarely wear eyeshadow because I don't know how to blend eyeshadow properly. I'm so insecure with those MUA who is good at makeup. How can they perfectly blend the colour of eyeshadow?

I've tried many times to blend the eyeshadow properly to form a smokey eyes look & funky eyes look but where the hell is the looks by the way? Well I usually wear a colour as a safe way. That is better, I guess.

My life is just full of metaphor when it comes to makeups but whatever, you have your own beauty; with or without makeup. So just chill. You have your own rights to put on makeup or nah because you are living your own life.

Any makeup sins you ever made so far?


  1. my biggest sin is that I don't own any makeup product.

    well, if you don't count vaseline and sunblock as one


  2. i used to hate mascara but now i love them. i used to say i hate foundation. but i just bought one today and fell in love with how it makes my skin looks flawless xD guess that's my biggest makeup sins kot. or biggest makeup lies, perhaps? i don't even know how to apply eyeshadow. bila guna memang nampak mcm hantu sundal bolong punya mata. lagi2 bila nak try buat smokey eyes hahaha. epic fail!

  3. i dont feel comfortable using eyes makeup like eyeliner and mascara because i tend to rub my eyes all the time T^T

  4. Akk tak reti pakai eyeshadow. Memang tak pernah pakai melainkan ada orang tolong makeupkan kan. Hehe

  5. eyeliner! susahnya nak pakai TT_TT

  6. everything comes with practice. i hate doing eyebrows because it takes so much time, other than that i really enjoy everything about makeup

  7. @Eeca Shyaa Foundation is just good but I prefer to wear cream. Mascara is just okay for me but eyeshadow is sucks. I only apply a colour. Idk how to blend it well hahahah

  8. @C i k R e n e xAzreen pakai eyeshadow pun satu colour je. Kalau campur2 colour pun pakai hentam je tapi takde beza pun 😂

  9. @AtheeraThank god u're good at makeups. I'm still learning 😌

  10. I wasn't a makeup wearer when I was still in my early 20s, only started wearing it after I graduated college,tapi sekarang macam teringin nak ambil sijil MUA pulak, hehe :)

    ieyra h. | latest post: Cetaphil Moisturising Cream Review

  11. @ieyra h. I don't really wear makeup unless for occasion. I personally hate makeup but I like it when it is on point. Hahaha

  12. Plan nak pakai thin eyeliner, tiba2 jadi tebal macam heroin bollywood classic. Every-single-day!


  13. I suck at applying eyeliner too. Sometimes it makes my eyes look weird because of my hooded and uneven eyes T.T

  14. @Noor MaizanHahaha yess right! Thats why kalau pakai nipis & tak cantik sekalipun biar je takut touch up jadi panda

  15. @Syaza RaihanahMaybe you should try to play with your eyeshadow colour or maybe you shouldnt shape the eyeliner ikut your eyes shape.


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