Daily Diary : New Semester in Rembau

September 10

You know what, I already in semester 4, one year left before I graduate from my Diploma. I feel so lucky & how time flies so fast. 5 months of semester break has passed, I am now back to my normal student life!

I start my new semester at the new campus, UiTM Rembau which is the newest UiTM. To be honest, the view, facilities, are all perfect. I couldn't say more.

But, there are some things I'm sick of being here.

First of first, college residents cannot bring transport to the college. What, that sucks you know. It's hard to find any other transportation like buses or taxi here. Even Uber and Grab is not available here, unless personal grab car. It sucks.

Second, mobile line is totally sucks. Only Celcom line is available here. Other? It will always "NO SERVICE" I am seriously done. Fortunately, there is WiFi available. OMG I'm crying. But everyone depends on WiFi, so it is quite slow.

Third, Bandar Rembau is quite far, far away from here. It is nowhere to go. For us students to pay for the Grab, ugh.... I don't know how much it costs but it sucks ya'know. I couldn't say anything more but I will explore more and more about Rembau & will tell you about how the food, the class and all the next day, later on.

September 11

Today, my friends (Elia & Madine) and I decided to walk around Pekan Rembau to look for things. I don't know how to ride on a bus here so I decided to take Uber service.

We went to have KFC (that's the only good thing about Rembau tbh) & then walk around there from making passport picture to mini market, looking for food & others.

September 12

This evening, I have nothing to do so my friends & I decided to have a walk in this campus. Well, I did not bring sport shoes for me to jog around here so 5 minutes walk would be just nice.

We figured many good things here but hold on, ATMs cannot be found anywhere here, yep, you know it's hard & totally worse.

September 13

I have two classes for today. They are Publishing & Graphic. I do love both lecturers (even they are a little bit scary when it comes to work) but well everyone is. They are so fun & I enjoyed these classes so much.

Even though they are briefing the class, I can tell you that I enjoy the classes (and maybe a little bit stress) but nah, let's just adapt it.

Graphic class is held in the iMac (computer lab) but the reason behind it's name is...

They all still unwrapped, & we even use it without even unwrapping it. Wow?

September 14

Supposed to have a class in the morning but then the lecturer asked us to attend an event in the evening at Dewan Biduanda, UiTM Rembau for replacing the class that is supposed to be in the morning.

It was actually a koir competition. Ugh, boring? Quite boring. But for attendance, okay, just follow the flow.

September 15

Had Broadcast class in the morning & I was thinking to go back home but nah, next week would be fine even though I am facing homesick real bad right now.

Texting my mum makes me cry... I miss home. I want home. So bad. Couldn't say more. I really miss home. By the time I write this post, I am crying because I want home so bad.

It's just the first week so I'm trying to be cool & adapt with everything but it takes time, for sure. Let's see how my life would be in a month. Hahaha

How you guys adapt new environment? Share with me, maybe I can practice xD


  1. Getting to know new classmates is the hardest part for me haha

    1. I still stick with the same class, just different-undone campus sucks

  2. Emm susah jugak at first but setiap pagi bangun tidur cakap dkt diri sendiri tempat ni best, everything will be fine. Hehe Glod luck and take care also enjoy yr uni life 😙

  3. tinggal setahun je lagi tu. semoga berjaya sis ;)


    1. Trying my best to positive my mind xD Thank u <3

  4. apple? really uitm? apak dia!!! hebat r! #kagum and really impressed!
    mesti azreen suka guna & kan, sebab lawa dowh!!

    1. I have each class is held here but naaahhh. I was shook at first cuz girl, Apple doh but then yeah, I'm here for like every week, dont care xD

  5. salam singgah dan follow. :)

    Anda dijemput join GA saya!



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