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What's In My Bag?


Assalamualaikum & Hi everyone!

So now I would like to share with you guys about my lifestyle. Yes, totally accurate with all of you guys, I would really like to please to share about the things I put in my bag where ever I go. I bet all of youy guys pun ada things that wajib in your bag kan? But what's mine?!

Yes, for sure girls must have is handbag. Obviously, bag which does not matter in size, mesti wajib dibawa oleh perempuan, because we are. For myself, I prefer medium size of bag so it is easy for me to bring things yang sangat sangat I perlukan. But what are they???

Purse, toiletries, pins pouch

Purse? Of course, the most important thing you guys should bring. Purse is where I (and i bet everyone else) put cash, cards, photos, license & some other important things. Without purse, how can you easily go anywhere you want kan? I know some people keep the receipt they bought things dalam purse juga sebab suka kumpul but not for me. I pantang ada receipt dalam purse, kalau boleh tak payah ada resit pun I tak kisah sebab I tak aware sangat pasal harga barang unless obvious mahal atau murah sangat

Pins pouch is of course where I put pins & needles in that cute pink pouch tu (I got it from my cousin, bought it from Vietnam). Pins & needles are important untuk I sebab in case pin yang I pakai tercabut, patah or macam2 lah especially bila keluar & solat dekat tempat awam, sometimes pin mesti hilang. So, itu kira macam penyelamat untuk I. p/s : sediakan payung sebelum hujan

Next is my toiletries.

As you can see, these are all the things I put in my toiletries pouch (I got free from kotex) lol hahahahaha

I tak letak barang makeup sangat, but still letak. First thing I akan titik beratkan is of course, for all girls, pad & pantiliner! Imagine you guys going out somewhere tiba2 period datang. Takkan nak beli terus sekotak kan? Padahal dekat rumah pun berlambak stok pad & pantiliner. So, I akan letak pad & pantiliner 1 pcs so that even if I can't help myself with that, I maybe can help my friend! So girls out there, please put a pad & a pantiliner in your bag no matter how small your bag. This is your life saver, ever!

Next, of course I letak sanitizer, hand lotion, lotion which is more likely in travel size. Why travel size? Takkan nak letak yang 500ml punya dalam bag hahahahaha. So yeah, the hand cream I bought at DIY for only less than RM 5. Just to moisturize my hand in case cuaca sangat kering di luar. But dekat rumah before I go out, I pakai lotion tangan & badan from vaseline which is better! Next is sanitizer, I bring it everywhere, of course lah but I rarely apply it sebab kadang2 macam malas nak apply but still I bawak juga for safety. Next one is vaseline lotion in travel size! I got it for free but bila dah habis, I refill je dengan lotion yang ada dekat rumah. It is so easy to bring anywhere! You guys can be really creative, ambil je any small bottle yang travel size & put the lotion ke or anything to bring along, so easy!

Next one is of course, make ups! But makeups, I letak yang travel size juga. As you can see, I don't bring makeup yang betul2 makeup (lol). For example like lipstick, since sebelum keluar of course lah dah apply lipstick semua, I just letak kissproof & aloe vera lip balm (which is thin & small) so bila keluar in case I need to touch up my lips, I apply je both ni. Since 2 benda ni pun tak mahal & easy to bring anywhere, I use them bila perlu touch up je. Next one is eyeliner. Yes, I bawa pencil eyeliner. Besides kecil, ia juga mudah! I don't really bring eyeliner yang I usually wear sebab of course lah, nama pun travel size so I bawa yang untuk tujuan "touch-up" je. Just look at my mini size compact powder, I bring it also untuk touch up je hahahahaha. Doesn't it easy to bring kan?

The most most most important thing yang you guys kena bawa is of course, your phone!!! Who doesn't have phone btw right? It doesn't matter your phone branded ke smartphone ke apa sekalipun, but all you need is phone because phone if our life saver (but you still need prepaid because what's the point of having a phone without prepaid right). I just have two phone because the another is for spare part which is likely to be my business matter & the white one is of course for personnal matters. I don't really like when my number is mixed within business matters & personal life because my customers used to add me on wechat, snapchats & all. Having a phone, is of course, a need one, Powerbank & cable! I own two powerbanks but I usually bring the pink one in the photo because it is slim & easy to bring anywhere. Tak ambil banyak ruang, sangat nipis & ringan, mudah dibawa mana2 I suka. As my white phone is usually I use to take pictures, to chat people, to update everything, battery cepat habis, that is why powerbank is the most needed things!

Last but not least, 


Yes, I bring shades where ever I like. Even though I already own some shades in my car, but still I need one in my bag (&Idk why) & this shades is my favourite one! I don't know why but I think I love the shape of the shades & also it's colour in brown macam perang. I bring this along for myself to wear whenever I go out in case cuaca terlalu panas terik or even for my ootd hahahahaha

So, I hope you guys enjoy reading my post this time about my lifestyle! Hey, why don't you guys share with me on the comment below what's in your bags??? You guys must have some different things that you bring along kan?

And, share with me also some things (kalau ada) things yang I kena bawa as my life saver besides barang yang I share with you guys, maybe ada?

Enjoy reading my posts! Thank you


  1. Its normal for woman ! I really addicted with big size handbag sebab boleh sumbat mcm2 hahaha

  2. Hi Azreen, I came across your blog and I enjoyed reading your amazing stories. Interested to collaborate? Email me at I couldn't find your email so I am leaving a comment to u. Hope to hear soon. Thanks! Ps: this is NOT a spam yah haha :)


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