How My Study Week Is Spent


Arriving at the end of semester 2 in UiTM is such a bless for me. Everything gets better when I already in semester 2 since I prepare for everything even though it is totally not a perfect preparation especially for assignments. During my part 1 time, I don't think I am able to get done my assignment perfectly since I never know how to start my assignment & I never know what to do. If only I could turn back time, I will do better since my part 1. 

Currently, I am facing my final exam in UiTM & I have done the UiTM subjects which are CTU & ELC, only. All the MassComm subject is going to be facing by next week & that makes me shake a lot. Despite all the bitter some in studying, still I need time to chill myself. It is free-stress-day! Even though 'study week' should be spent with books, everyone needs something to release everything first. Yes, hanging out with my friends! They are all my schoolmates & classmates once ago & yes, we are still colleagues! Even though every one of us are in different courses, that doesn't mean we can't unite like we used to before.

So, it was a great day since this is my VERY FIRST TIME hanging out with my friends without driving them away! For the first time of my life, my friend picked me up at my house & that is what blessed me a lot. I totally tired being told to pick them up at their house like every time we went out together so I guess this is the most touchable moment when Fanish (the one in blue) picked me up lol.

Driving all the way to Mahkota Parade, we went first to fill our big tummy which is roaring for food. We at first, decided to take our lunch at Seoul Garden, unfortunately, something creeps us out. Not saying that we are disrespect the 'people' there, but we just couldn't eat when 'those people' are there. Sorry but I will not say who are the 'people' I meant since I don't want anyone to misunderstand my statement. So, we decided to change our plan to eat at Dataran Pahlawan, and have a bit trouble in deciding what to eat. So, still, we decided to eat steamboat so we went to Johnny's Restaurant. Well, at least, our tummy's craving is now full filled! 

Well, we ate a lot that day & the food is also satisfy us a lot. The price is also affordable for those who crave to eat steamboat since to me, there are a lot restaurants that offer higher price of steamboat. Having our tummy full & decided to have a walk at Jonker, the weather did not let us to do so since we are also doesn't want out skin to expose to the sunlight hahahaha 

Thus, we decided to let all the stress out at Karaoke Bar! It was hella fun when we were able to drop everything on our mind for a while & have a blast that day. Time goes by & it's already 10 minutes to 6.00 p.m, we decided to have dessert at Big Bowl Ice. Who doesn't know about it, you guys can google it straight away & this is the most recommended dessert place of heaven you can come because it is my all time favourite dessert shop. Everytime I go out & crave for sweet & icy dessert, this place is a must for me to drop by! The price is just nice for all people, so no worries about the budget you have. I usually take a bowl of the icy dessert usually snow ice & it can be shared with 2 person! A bowl is just around RM 10 & below so basically, you can spend less! It is really satisfying as it could fulfill any craving tummy out there!

So, this is how I spent my study week (just for a day) & the rest is with my books but not really, totally. I guess I spent my time more on my blog. But whatever it is, take some of your time to chill & go out with your friends. Do not push yourself to be in stress mood at all time, it can actually affect yourself!

Well, how about you spending time in your study week? Reading books? Or maybe short vacation? 


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