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10 Facts About Me

Little did you know about myself, there are a lot you didn't know about me. This post is 50/50 kind & bad things about me. Why not sharing them all? It is not embarrassing for me at all, as long as you know somewhat about me.

 Let's start the 10 Facts About Me!!! πŸ‘±

 1. I never draw my eyebrows 

This is kinda a funny thing that ever happen in my life. As you know that all girls love to draw their eyebrows perfectly to make it on fleek. I guess my eyebrows are done themselves without I even touch them. They are always natural & untouched. But it's not really in good shape, I guess.

2. I don't know how to play guitar 🎸

The reason why I tell you this is because I own a guitar & I never play with it. Guitar is like a decoration for my room & it is left unused. I never know how to play guitar even when I was guided with some videos especially on YouTube. I felt pity of my fingers, they hurt so much.

So this is my guitar (the brown one) and the black is my sister's. They are kept unused.

3. I don't eat ikan keli (catfish)

The reason why I don't eat ikan keli is because my mom doesn't eat it as well. My mom said she's so scared to ikan keli when it comes to the features of the fish itself. Yes, me too. I admit it. My friends said that ikan keli is the most tasty fish among all & they even asked me to try but I never want to. 

4. I have a lot of 'untouched' English novel/books/magazine πŸ“–

English is not my forte, that's why I am bad at grammar especially and when it comes about choosing a bombastic word for certain thing, I'm lost. The reason why I bought English novel/books/magazine is because I love to have them. I love to read the 'title' for the book instead of the content itself. I know I'm weird. I don't like reading books. I prefer reading something online.

5. I prefer heels than wedges & sneakers πŸ‘ 

I bet some of you loves to wear wedges, but not for me. I actually wear wedges when it is slip on wedges that is not high at all. It is more to casual kind of wedges/platform I mean. I do not like wedges because for me, it is not classy. I don't mind wearing a chunky heels but at least, it must be heels. P/s : but not kitten heels. I don't like it.

These 2 are my most favorite heels. The open heels are from Sembonia. Even it is peeled off, I still love to wear them. They are peeled off because of my friends tried to put on their feet for like everyday & they even tried it one by one. Now they are peeled off T_T I cried a bit when they did it. The white & black heels are from Vincci. It is a bit bigger than my actual size so every time I wear this, it starts to off from my feet. The heck is it

6. I don't know how to apply eyeliner

This is the 'error' in my life. Whenever I try to apply eyeliner, it always went wrong. It doesn't matter what eyeliner I am using (glimmerstick, liquid, etc) my eyes look worse. I don't even know how those girls apply their eyeliner perfectly, I'm so insecure. That's the reason why I never put on eyeliner all over again.

7. I have scoliosis

What is scoliosis? Scoliosis is a curvature of spine. A normal spine will vertically straight but  if you have curves on your spine, you are having scoliosis. It affects my breathing (that's why I decided to stop playing sports) & that's the most regret I ever face. I can't lift heavy things also. It potentially affect lungs & heart. Heart...? Maybe that's the reason why I don't want to be in love???

This is how scoliosis looks like

8. I have a big appetite πŸœπŸ›πŸ›πŸ•πŸ–πŸ‘πŸŸ

If you look at my skinny physical, you will believe that I'm on diet or maybe I don't eat well somehow. I actually have a big appetite that most people doesn't know. I eat a lot. Yes, a lot. I don't how to define my "eat a lot" but you guys won't believe. Most of the time, I will eat. I can say that I eat heavy food for like 5 times a day? Even at midnight.

9. I am a Directioner

Not all of you know that I'm a fan of One Direction (even when they are apart). I started to love One Direction so much when I heard their song (What Makes You Beautiful) on radio. That was the time when I started to follow their news & update & I accidentally fall in love with them, especially Louis. I always wish that I could meet them one fine day (with or without Zayn along) in Malaysia, publicly or privately.

10. I'm not a Kpoper but I enjoyed watching Running Man πŸ’™

I don't like kpop. That doesn't mean I hate kpop. I just don't enjoy kpop music or even Korean dramas. My friends always influence me to watch Korean dramas but I do not know why I don't love to. Basically, I can say that I don't like drama. If it comes to movie, then I'm okay with it. I enjoy watching Running Man so much, I even watch it every day! I am deeply saddened by the Gary's departure to focus on his music. My man in Running Man is Kim Jong Kook!

So, that's 10 Facts about me that you haven't know then but now you are!!! Are we the same in any points stated? 


  1. We have a few similarities.. ! I've never draw my eyebrows and eyeliner.. I tried to practice applying eyeliner but it doesn't suit me at all as I own the panda eyes..

  2. You have beautiful eyebrows though. I don't think you need to draw them.
    About the ikan keli, saya pun tak makan. Geli ._.
    And high five!
    I love Kim Jong Kook too! :D

  3. @Razanah Anis Maybe you have to try concealer to hide your panda eyes

  4. @Nurul Rasya All my friends said that but I never want to try. Geli with it

  5. @Amira I don't think it's beautiful the way it is. I found it messy everytime. Hahaha yess ikan keli nampak geli juga lah. *high five*

  6. heels jenis bertutup mcm tu memang susah nk cari yg muat2 elok, sbb tu heels mai bnyk yg gladiator heels, hehehe, & i love kim jong kook too!

  7. You're missing out on not eating ikan keli, it's yummeh.

    Gimme some of your untouched English novels, I've read mine and no money to buy new ones ahah.

    I have a friend who have scoliosis. take a good care of yourself dear.

    I admire you for having a guitar but you don't know how to play. Know what, I'm planning to buy a guitar, and I also don't know how to play. Ahah.

    Oh and I never draw my eyebrows also, thank god they're thick enough.

    I have a big appetite and I am a directioner, I love MITAM!


  8. @Lya Amie I'm not regretting any.

    If you are my neighbour then I'll give it to you, anytime hahaha

    Will do, thank you.

    Hahaha, it's useless to have a guitar actually when u cant play it though

    They are totally thick but it's okay, natural is the best *sedapkan hati*

    Mine is MM!!!

  9. @Noor Maizan I always want to try gladiator heels but I don't think it suits me well

  10. Yeayyyy! My man also Kim Jong Kook and penyokong tegar Spartace ^^

  11. my girl was so dreadful to buy a guitar for herself but then she only played once and its now hiding in the closet

  12. but catfishhhh issssss daaa bombbb me likey :D

  13. I don't eat ikan keli too and I don't even like eating fish tbh lol

  14. @Fahtin Mustafa That sounds weird, but you should try once???

  15. k.el dulu pun ada gitar
    tapi x reti main
    sat ja la belajar..mula2 je best nak main
    tangan dah keras..pas2 k.el dah jual gitar tu huhu
    skrg mcm nyesal lak jual sbb leh bg kat anak2 belajar main gitar kan

  16. I think you are a great and smart woman.

  17. @el Niat nak jual tapi sayang sangaaatt

  18. me too. ive a lot of untouched english novels on my shelves. So many books, but i dont really have a good time to spend to.


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