20 Makeup Tricks


It's been a long long day since I did not update makeup blog post. That is because I'm not into makeups & I don't even good at makeups. LOL me? I know girls are so in love with makeups, so-do-not-really-I. But today, I am going to share with you guys 20 makeup tricks that can make your makeup into a perfect one & you're going to love it!

To look pretty & perfect, it doesn't mean you have to have a very thick makeup. You have to be wise & smart in making your face looks perfect with a very simple but classy makeup. Here is 20 Makeup Tricks from Remaja, March 2015 edition.

1. Choose a color of lipstick that is same or a tone darker than your own lip color. Try to avoid choosing lipstick that is totally against your lips color.

2. Choose the color of eyeshadow that helps your face to look younger and fresh. For example, you are recommended to apply gold, purple or green. Something cheerful.

3. Use concealer to hide all the flaws on your face or even acne. It also helps to hide your baggy eyebag!

4. Prevent from using your hand to apply powder to your face. Use brush or span to hrlp you apply the powder to make it look better.

5. It is better not to use eyeliner because it makes you look older than you actually are. If you want to apply eyeliner, make sure it is thin & not thick because you may look so old than your actual age.

6. If you lips are dark, try to apply a dark tone of lipstick first then you can put some powder on it & apply with any colour of lipstick that you want. If you want to look more glossy, wear lipgloss.

7. Draw eyebrows! Neat your messy eyebrow with eyebrow comb & use brown colour of eyebrow pallete/pencil to make your face looks younger. Try to avoid using black colour.

8. Make a line of your lips with lip liner first that is more darker than your lipstick colour. It is used to make sure that your lipstick looks perfect & make it easier for you to apply lipstick.

9. Use Two-way foundation compact powder and apply on your lips with moisturized span. 

10. Cream powder is so useful for shading at your nose.

11. To overcome you dry lips, you have to use lip balm before applying lipstick. This can make your lips fresh & better!

12. To overcome eyebag & dark circles under your eyes, you have to apply white eyeliner which is shimmering so it doesn't look obvious.

13. If you don't like wearing false lashes, try to use eyelash curler & use mascara. Then, dip the mascara brush again & apple it for one more time to have a better result.

14. To get a natural look face, choose concealer that is yellowish or a tone brighter than your foundation colour. Use a bright tone of powder for a fair tone face & use yellowish colour of powder for medium & dark tone face.

15. To get a cute pinkish cheeks, try a pink tone like pink or 'red brick' colour of blusher. To those who have medium tone face colour, try orange blusher so it will blend perfectly on your face.

16. Red lipstick or Dark red lipstick is so suitable for Asian who owns medium tone skin & black hair.

17. Use heavy moisturizer to overcome acne problems and blackhead later.

18. If you want to look brave & outstanding, try to apply lipgloss on your lips to make it brighter, glossy & outstanding.

19. Find a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin to overcome acne, dry or normal skin & even oily skin. It also makes your makeup looks perfect & long lasts!

20. If you have a dark skin, avoid the use of thick eyeliner because it makes your eyes look smaller & dramatic.

P/s : Sorry for the grammar mistakes I made because translating is totally SUSAH!!! & Nak tahu tak, I have drafted banyak posts and even scheduled them sampai January! Amazing gila. Lepasni tak payah fikir dah nak buat blog pasal apa. Sampai bulan January I dah set kan post tu. Over 30 posts tau!!! I feel proud of myself hahahaha


  1. I loove eye make up tapi I don't know how to apply since my eyes are hooded eyes. stress gila. great info btw azreen, thanks for sharing!

    can't wait to read all posts in your draft !

  2. I need a concealer! :D Bookmark this post. Senang nak refer nanti. Hihi.

    Terbaiklab azreen bila dah siap post sampai bulan depan. Perggghhhh. Bestnyaaaa! Siqah plan nak buat camtu jugak tapi takde maknanya. Plan je tak sudah. Hihi.

    Jengah sini selalu untuk baca all posts in ur draft :)

  3. @Lya Amie Hahaha I am bad at eye makeup juga especially eyeliner!

  4. @Siqah Hussin Thank you so much! Azreen buat pun sebab dah nak balik campus & area kolej takde wifi T__T Nak pergi zon wifi memang tak lah hahaha

  5. I can't live without my eyeliner. hahaha. Tapi itulah, nampak muka garang juga, tapi kalau tak pakai rasa kosong je bahagian mata.

  6. hahaha thanks for the tipsss. i oftenly did a lot of mistakes. thanks for sharing xx <3

  7. #TeamSukaMekap #TapiTakRetiMekap Thank you for your sharing!

  8. make sure to moisturize our skin first before applying any foundation and etc.I recommend nafural bee venom, it keep my skin glow and less oily ! salam kenal you..xoxo


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