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2016 Wrap Up


It is the end of the year of 2016. Well, I would like to say that I faced a lot on 2016. Dealing with fake friends, heart broken, strangers, studies, money, they are messed up my mind & even my life. But that doesn't mean I have to stop stepping forward. There are much things I need to think before my problems. It is my success on dealing with those problems.

2016 taught me a lot about patience & how to change myself to better. Yes, a lot. I could say that my life turns to a better one when I dealt with those kind of problems & at the same time, I finally found myself out of nowhere. 

I could say that my life was totally terrible & I was only depending on someone like my ex, friends & even strangers. I am now depend on myself which I didn't say that I don't need others in my life but at the end of the day, you only have yourself.

This wrap up post is dedicated on monthly stories that I faced on my 2016 year. It doesn't matter how my life is like but everyone need to be open minded reading my blog post especially those who know me & if this story has even related to you guys.

January 🎆

This is my birth month. I didn't get any special prizes from my friends or anyone else but I did get a lot of wishes from a lot of friends & even strangers! Some sang me birthday song through Whatsapp & that makes me so touched that I didn't even remind them to.

However, this is the month that I faced a breakup with my ex & I feel so thankful for that because I even hate him when he was with me. But then I finally met with a man at my campus & we started off a good friendship right after that.


February is my hell of fun month! I spent most of my time enjoy & hang out with my friends for almost every weekend. This is also a month where I get myself a new phone!

I could say that this is my enjoy month ever! I couldn't describe how enjoy I was that month. I think I also spent a lot on this month. This is totally terrible + joy-able at the same time. 


This was the most toughest month ever. I had to submit the assignments & even did presentation as well since this was my first semester so, I didn't get prepared well for it & yeah, I didn't get enough sleep on this month. Everything needs to be done perfectly.

All I can say that we did our best but it's all depends on our lecturer to give the best or not. But, this is our first try & it wasn't really good at all but at least we are okay.

April 💤

This is my final examination month & my semester break! Alhamdulillah I did well & better on my final examination past 2 semesters. Then, my semester break began. At first, I thought of looking for a job but then nothing seems to accept me for only a month so I gave up & started to waste my money more & money on food.


This is the month where nothing special goes on my life but then I faced another pathetic thing in my life but I don't really give a f**k about that because I already prepared myself for that & I also think that this probably the best way for me.

Well, this situation taught me that a person that once fall for your beauty is truly only falls for perfection about yourself, they will never ever accept your imperfection thus they will leave you someday.


My new semester 2 began. I hate to say this but I am no longer with my previous semester house mates & that makes me cry. I got a residental college which so far away from my other house mates.

Nothing much goes on June, it's just fasting month! I feel grateful for this day that I could met a lot of new people due to an event that is held by my college. It was break fasting event with school students.

I even got a chance to break fasting with a part of my classmates! I picked them up at Melaka Central & here we were at Marrybrown, had our meal together.


It's Eid month! I was celebrating Eid at Batu Pahat, Johor which is my dad's hometown. It should be kind of 'food fest' for all muslims but not for me because 2 or 3 days before it, I put on braces on my teeth, that's why. 😭


Nothing special went on August, it was just my first date with someone & I feel so blessed that I get to know him. It was so nice to spend all day with him. Hanging out around Melaka, movie date & of course, dinner my all-time-crave food, Chicken chop!

I would like to have that day all over again where we both went to Jonker & watch how the situation of Jonker at night is like which is full of folks from different countries, races & even states.

September 👀

This is my another presentation month! It was full of presentations which I can say busy busy busy day. Well, this was my second time to face this kind of thing so it doesn't give any problem to me.


October is full-month examination. So, I don't think I would like to share anything on this. But, there's something hurt happening all over again. It's just a misunderstanding between flirtationship & relationship & friendzone. Have you guys ever been this way?

I don't know why 2016 burdened me with such things. I actually never thought that the simple thing could affect my whole life. Losing the one you love because the status of "flirtationship" & "relationship" is sucks.


My another semester break is now on. I spent all day & night for my blog & even for food. I didn't spend much money for shopping & all because I was broke af.


It's time to go back to my campus & start my new semester! Well, this semester is pretty tough because we all have a lot of outside activity. All the lecturers for this semester are quite fun but not all of them.

That's all the 2016 wrap up. Well, thank you so much 2016 because it taught me to be independent & also to be an adult. I am not the old Azreen that people used to know. I didn't say that I've changed a lot but I really do change step by step.

I am striving forward for something better in my life because all I aim is to success in life & be happy with whoever I am with. No more stupid things can easily come to me. Face me if you dare to even hurt me.


  1. Perhaps, within 5 years I would see you hosting on TV. Good luck for your future, dear Azreen :)

  2. May 2017 will be a wonderful year for you :)

  3. Chin up and don't let people get you down.. Hopefully your days become better each and everyday.. :D

  4. i saw you today and you look so pretty in real life :D

  5. @Nurul SyafiqaI would love to! InsyaAllah, thank you so much

  6. @FlavneszInsyaAllah, I am trying to fix everything up :D

  7. @ANIS NABILAHLike seriously??? I am bad at recognising people. Hahaha thank u

  8. What a year, right? Btw, happy new year to you! May 2017 will be a great year for you :)


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