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Blogging Starter Pack


This is not going to be my 'Wordless Wednesday' post. Just ignore the picture above. It's useless. Btw, I'm here to share with you guys my blogging starter pack! It is kinda accurate with my previous post on Blogging Apps Stock but that post talks more about 'apps or webs' I'm using to start my blog. Now, I am fully list all the 'things' that I really need to start making a post.

Maybe we have something in common? No? Okay. Here they are... ✌

Google Translate

I told you guys so many times that English is not my forte, I made grammar mistakes a lot. That is why I really need google translate to help me (sometimes) yeah but still, it is a need for me. Writing English is easy but to maintain the correct grammar is totally bad for me. I'm not good at it. This going to be my life saver, too.


I have a pinterest account, here. But I'm not active in asking people to follow me or myself follow the other people. I'm using pinterest because I can't transfer pictures that I took using my DSLR to my computer & straight to my iPhone. That is why I'm using this application to download all the pictures I took by my camera & save it to a new board that I set it to 'secret' mode. By doing this, i can easily download those images to my phone because I even downloaded this application to my phone.

Pinterest is also use by me to get cool quotes to be my wallpaper, dekstop cover & all. The main use of pinterest is to get stock photos! I bet you that you can easily find a lot of stock photos here. Just type anything you want like minimalist, love, tumblr, or scenery. It will show you a lot of best pictures for you to grab.


If you are a fan of my blog *cough* then you will see that I am minimalist stock photos lover. For most of my posts I've made, I can say that I used minimalist style stock photos. That is because I love white & black theme of picture which suits my blog theme as well. But, in order to make my stock photos related to my entry, I sometimes need to find a picture where relates to my entry. Thus, I'm using to get styled stock photos. For example like my previous post on Maintaining Long Distance Relationship where I am using couple stock photos, compared to others post that is more to minimalist style.


This not going to be a surprise if I show you all my notes I wrote on my laptop. This note is used to jot down all the ideas that crossed my mind on what I'm going to write on my blog. Whenever I get some ideas to write on my blog, I will straight away jot down on the notes whether on my laptop or my phone. This is the way to overcome writing block that I probably will face sooner or later. 


Last but not least, photoscape! I've been a photoscape user since I get to know how to use computer. It was a long long year ago. Maybe when I was 11. Once ago, photoscape is used to edit my beautiful picture lol. It also a place for me to collage the pictures that I took since that was kinda my zaman jahiliah where we edit glitters, strong filters on our picture.

Now, I'm using photoscape to edit texts on my stock photos to be my entry header. If you can see, most of the entries I made is almost edited with the title of the post itself. This is because I want to highlight the title to the readers & relate it to my photo. I did that because I don't like to see a plain/non-edited pictures to be my header post. It looks weird when it comes to my blog. Maybe it was affected my the design of my blog?

So, that is all my Blogging starter pack. Without them all, I am so sure that I can't even start to write a new entry. Surprisingly, I did this entry for an hour only because I usually take some days to finish it. Well, blogging mood is here!

So, what is your blogging starter pack? 😉


  1. I used photoscape (sometimes) to resize the images.. And it's the easiest to use.. xD
    Thank you for sharing the stock photos website.. it would be helpful.. xD

  2. My grammar and sentence contruct is horrible that sometime I thought that I need to recheck everything all over. I always used thesaurus and checked for synonyms which match the vibe that I want. Pexels collection is really good isnt it! I just learned to use stock photo. Seeing all these blogs having the post title on these photo really gives out professional vibes.


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