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Facial Care

Merry Christmas! It's time for me to talk about beauty! It is facial care. It is actually my post once ago but then I reverted it to draft & edited on some parts, & I also correcting my grammar as well. I know it's still imperfect but who cares, I just want to send off the message.

I'm sorry if my grammar is as bad as you, but I hope you can relate it & understand the way you are. These tips is actually been used & practiced by me. That doesn't mean I have a perfect kind of skin but I can say that my skin is free from acnes except when my period comes.

So let's check out the tips that I usually practice on!

Always wash your face

You know that your face is full of dust & dirty substances that probably come from air? Your skin is exposed to surrounding that is not clean at all. You know, there are so much bacterias in the air, that's the reason why you have to keep your face clean & clear from the dust. 

The only way to do is just wash your face with plain water. It is so useful especially to those who has sensitive skin. You should wash your face often to prevent from skin problem especially after doing outdoor activities.

You should also wash your face especially after when you are wearing makeup. Remember to cleanse your face or remove your makeup before washing your face. This is a must because makeup contains a lot of chemical that is not good for your skin. It blocks your skin to breathe btw. Some people just cleanse or remove their makeup using clenaser or makeup remover without even washing their face right after that (I'm talking about my friend hahaha)

Try to prevent eating oily & spicy food 🍝

This is a must to do for all of if you want a great & beauty skin. Beauty is pain. I heard this quote so much. Oily & spicy food contain a lot of acid which is not good for your skin. It could harm your skin if the amount of acid exceeds in your body.

I'm not really a fan of spicy food because I can't stand the spiciness of the food itself so it's a bonus for me. If you love to fry nuggets, fries & all, you have to strain the oil first before it is getting in your mouth.

Don't wear makeup more than 8 hours 💄

Yes girl, don't wear makeup more than 8 hours. It is because makeup contains a lot of chemical & imagine your makeup is exposed to dirty surrounding, your face is now full of bacteria & dirty substances that you can't see with your eagle eyes. 

Try to renew your makeup on your face if you think is necessary. Especially if you are working day & night. It's not a waste to touch up your face all over again because it is for your own benefit. Don't harm your own face. Prevent!

Stop touching your face with your dirty hands 👐

You never know what is on your hands. Bacterias, dusts & your nail, girl! It's dirty eyy. Our hands are the most active parts on our body. Thus, it contains a lot of unseen bacteria. Beware with your hands, girl. 

You can never be sure when your hands are 100% free from bacterias because it is never. It always has bacteria around your finger & your nails though. There's no need to touch your face. It is nothing, it means nothing too. 

Eat more veggies & fruits 🍅

You know that veggies & fruits are good for your skin, right? Most girls don't eat veggies & I couldn't relate it why. You never want to try veggies actually & you keep mind setting it that veggies are not your taste. It is bitter and all. But, it is for your own good. It is good, you just have to choose correctly in what cooking it is on.

I love ulam, not so much but I do! It is bitter, too bitter but yeah, I love something bitter rather than sweet. I'm weird tho but that's me. I can't change myself.

Fruits, fruits fruits. Don't tell me you don't eat fruits. But yes, I have met a girl who doesn't eat fruits as well. Odd but fact. Fruits contains a lot of vitamins that is good for your skin. Try to have fruits which is rich with vitamin C that is totally good for you skin, the simplest one is Oranges!

Well, that's all I have for you. Alhamdulillah, with the use of this tips & practice, I could make my face getting better. All you have to is to practice it everyday. Do not stop. Set your aim to have a better skin. Do it with all of your heart. Never stop. You're going to love the result soon.

Be beautiful inside & outside 👰

Thank you for reading! Mind to share with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Google right down the button below!


  1. Yes... always wash your face :-) jangan malas-malas.
    But janganlah muka tengah panas kita pi basuh.

  2. In general, it is all back to dicipline which is not my forte. Guess i should make it into new year wish or something.

  3. @Mrs. AIt's all! Everything starts with water

  4. @Nurul AfifahHahaha its okay, there's more time to make everything right


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