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Beauty Tips | Myth vs Fact


Every things that happen in our daily life has it's own myth & fact. Do you even know sometimes myth is the fact as well? But for me, I don't think so. Myth is even popular among people because they think it is true based on their own 'unsure' experience. Thus, it makes people start to believe myth is a fact. But it is not actually. 

Fact is a fact. It can't be changed or manipulated. But myth has been manipulated by people because it is based on their experience & observation without any scientific proof. So, I would like to tell you the myth & fact behind the beauty tips that you probably heard & maybe you did it in your daily life.

1. Wash your face with cold ice

  • Myth : Washing your face with cold ice could make the pores contracted.
  • Fact : This method can be resulted temporarily. Use masker or scrub to get a better skin

2. Honey bee can moisturize lips

  • Myth : Apply honey bee on lips before you go to bed can make your lips stay moisturized & fresh.
  • Fact : It is good for your lips because the fluid of the honey bee itself gives nutrition to our lips & can be used as lip balm

3. Licking the lips

  • Myth : Makes your lips wet & fresh
  • Fact : Saliva contains enzyme that actually can makes our lips drier 

4. Apply lipstick repeatedly

  • Myth : Adding layers to our lips
  • Fact : If you want to apply a new lipstick, rub & wash the previous lipstick because it has been polluted by surrounding like dust & even the food chemical.

5. Combing the hair often

  • Myth : Combing the hair often can make your hair healthy
  • Fact : Hair is easily broke & the scalp is potentially oily. Use your hand to straighten your hair sometimes

6. Wear sunblock

  • Myth : Sunblock can't be use during cold, rainy & cloudy weather
  • Fact : During cloudy, you still have to apply sunblock because the UV rays is stronger during cloudy days & radiated your skin

7. Oily face

  • Myth : Chocolates & oily food can cause acne problem
  • Fact : Acne is produced because the excess production of oil on our face & we probably not washing our face using the right method

8. Protein builds muscles

  • Myth : Protein helps in producing muscles
  • Fact : Protein is the main nutrient to build up muscles & acts as energy producer. The excess protein that is not used can transform to be fats

9. Coconut oil

  • Myth : Coconut oil is the effective skin's hydration
  • fact : It contains natural moisturizer that helps in gloomy skin. If you have oily face & acne problems, then you are advised to prevent from using it.

10. Dark circles under eyes

  • Myth : Cucumber heals the dark circles
  • Fact : Yes, it is but it lasts temporarily. After a while, the dark circle shows up all over again. Put the cucumber slice on your eyes can only make your eyes cool & lessen the dark circle

You can use this method as well!

I hope you enjoy & jot down the notes so that we are never ever get fooled by the myths. You want more beauty tips? Then I have to read more lah after this hahahaha. We'll see if I have some other ideas. Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy & don't forget to share if you think this is useful for others too xoxo

Source : Majalah Remaja edisi September 2014


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