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How I Deal With Tough Times

I love to inspire people a lot, not because of my lifestyle or whatever. I just want people to be happy & live happily because I love to see how they continue their life happily like they are not burdened with tons of problems. Who doesn't feel happy seeing anyone else happy, right?

This post is dedicated to all human beings that are dealing with tough times right now. Some people get weird on how I deal with those kind of heavy problems, how I overcome it. If you read my post on 2016 Wrap Up, you will know that my 2016 is so hectic & pathetic af.

So, here are some ways on how I Dealt with Tough Times.

Pray 🙏

Nothing much, pray is the best way for me to forget & heal my broken or hurted heart. The best path or thing to do when you are feeling down is to seek anything from your God. He gives the best, he tests you because He loves you. Bring yourself closer to Him because He knows how to heal you.

Go Out 😊

Never ever sit & trap yourself in your room/house. Go out & find things that can make you happy. I used to go to beach, shopping mall or park whenever I am feeling down because those kind of places bring happiness to me. Walking alone at the beach & park is the best because these places are so peaceful.

Other than that, you can also just drive anywhere you want. Sometimes, I'm not going anywhere but driving myself all alone without any destination. Being on the road, drive the hallways there & there while listening to the cool songs on the radio would be just good.

Venue : Taman Seribu Bunga, Melaka

Watch Movies/Videos 🎬

I guess, everyone did this. Whenever you are burdened with problems, you will calm yourself by watching movies & maybe watching videos whether on youtube or through twitter.

For me, myself, I prefer to watch cartoon movies because it is more interesting, funny & lighten up my mood. Besides, I love to watch cats videos on Twitter especially because those warm cats attitude just make my heart feel so comfort. I LIKE CATS VERY MUCH!

I also used to watch viners videos on youtube just to make some time with myself, to pamper myself to ignore the problems. C'mon, wake up! Problems are just problems.

Eat, Sleep, Repeat 🍲💤

This is the most related point! For sure, food is life & it makes me happy everytime. So, why wouldn't you eat when you have problems? Some people prefer to starve because they don't even have appetite to eat but for me, food is the best way to deal with your tough times.

You don't have to worry because food is always there for you, unlike humans. So, grab yourself a pan of pizza right away 🍕

Sleep is to forget your problems & to rest your mind for awhile, but it's worth to do so. You have your life to live, keep on moving because time doesn't stop for you. Be happy, let you wake up with some good vibes around. Actually, I can say I love to sleep. That's the real point I can say.

So, I guess that's all my ways. Please guys, do not let yourself burdened with temporary problems cuz you have a long way to go. Chin up!

What are you guys ways in dealing with problems?


  1. Great tips. Sometimes when I have problems, I'd like to talk about it with the people I trust.

  2. @Mayy JieI am so other than that. I don't have anyone to be trusted to tell all my problems :') So I keep them all myself

  3. I don't usually find it easy to talk to someone regarding my problems lol, I'd rather sleep or just take a walk - go out, visit the bookstore or something XD

  4. There are things I could share with someone I trusted but some things I prefer to keep it to myself and the only entertainment I could have is to watch movies, sleep or hang out with my friends.. XD

  5. I always do the 'eat, sleep, repeat' coz for me, it's really hard to get over the tough times and I need to be by myself to sort it out :)

  6. Usually I prefer to sleep 1st when I faced a problem, then following by other activities like eating, drawing or go for window shopping alone; p

  7. @faten.bananaIkr! Looking for someone to tell all the problems isnt easy

  8. @Flavnesz Hanging out with friends is considerable because i prefer to be alone hahahaha

  9. If I'm feeling down, I would usually cry my eyes out in the toilet hahaha pathetic right? or I would watch animal videos on Youtube till I feel better

  10. @PuteriThat must be because of hard times, it's okay girl, chin up


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