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My Blogging Routine


I have to say this, I lost interest in writing/updating my blog slowly. I also lost interest to look up the viewers to my blog & all. Btw, If anyone wonder, how I blogging, this is the right post for you. I make this post to give you ideas on blogging. It's all about the time & even what I will do when I'm blogging. I guess this is a must-share post for you guys because it can be used by all bloggers out there who think that my routine is beneficial for you.

Let's go straight to my blogging routine.

I scheduled my posts

The only reason why I did this is because I want to save time & overcome writing block later. I am the type of person that write a lot of stories/posts at one time because there is one time you have a lot of ideas. I will write them & scheduled it to 2 to 3 days after a published post. This is a way to make my blog is full of readers every day. I don't have to worry to post an entry when busy mode is turn on.

I go on to comments first

Switch on my laptop & straight to web & all I do is to go through the comments. I will reply the comments first before going to do other things on my blog. That is because I want to give response to some questions that probably be asking by my blog readers.

Checking my reading list

This is a very must to-do in my blogging routine because with reading my following blogs, I get to know their updates & their stories because their stories will inspire my entries. Besides that, there are a lot of informative entries that I don't want to miss out.

Visiting my bloglist blogs

This is my daily routine. Not really daily since I have a really bad internet connection at my campus. Visiting my bloglist is to sum up their viewers & readers on that day because that's what a blogger should do. Besides, they are part of my blogger family.

Blogwalking my blog visitors

This is a way to appreciate their visit to my blog. In case they visit our blog, we should visit their blog as a return. This is natural. The reason why you really have to leave your footprint at my cbox. BUT NOT ADS LINK. And I'm going to leave my footprint, of course!

Click your ads picture/link

I don't even know why I love to do this. I find it as a charity? Put as many ads picture/link on your blog, I'm going to click on it. Don't worry. I did it on purpose & just for fun. BUT, NEVER EVER put your ads link on my chatbox. I will never be sincere with it. I can easily click on ads link if you want me to, just ask me to visit your blog. Simple.

Drafting ideas

I sometimes get ideas from others blog. I also get ideas to make an entry from my own view of my previous posts. I know my posts are nothing pun I don't know why I found it useful & can be inspired my new post. Weird but it is. I will draft all the ideas & look for free time to write them on straight away if possible.

I guess that's all my blog routine which I did every time I am blogging. Do you have any routine in blogging? Why don't you make an entry about this too! Share with us your blogging routine so that we can exchange our way?


  1. Great tips Azreen Sofia..

    I also do the same thing, I'll reply to the comments first then blogwalking to their blogs.. I really appreciate my followers.. :-)

  2. Good job... (Slow pulak nak fikir ayat dalam english ni... Haha...) Rutin yang bagus dan win-win situation... :-)

  3. Too bad, I don't have any blogging routine. Will only write when there is something to be shared. T_T

    Thanks for the tips, Azreen :x

  4. I am so used to not having specific schedule on writing entries because I express when I feel like it lol ._. Good tips by the way! (I read my old entry too)

  5. Our blogging routine were exactly the same except I dont schedule my post and I dont really click ads, thats bad. :(

    Okay i need to change that habit after this. Huhu. and this was a nice blogpost idea azreen. :D

  6. I will read and reply my comment on one day then straight go to read all my bloglist post. That is how i get connected ith the blogger family hehe

  7. @AmiraIt must be good if you have so much free time to write a post!

  8. @faten.bananaDifferent person, different way. Btw Thank you! x

  9. @Eyqa ZqHahaha i did it because I dont have time to write sometimes. I click on ads because of habit xD Thank you! x Make one now! Hahaha

  10. @atheera dayanaThat's the reason why I love to read your post. Because you're so friendly!

  11. I lost interest in updating my blog too. I have tons of ideas but I always ended up deleting it 'cos I think the posts are not good enough

  12. @PuteriOMG me too! I've been writing the drafts half way but then I deleted the posts because I think they are not necessary to be posted

  13. We got same blogging routine, it just that sometimes, I will only stare on my blog for do not know how long, just because, I don't have any idea on what should I write hiks :)

    I do love clicking ads for every blogger that I visit, since, you know, its their kind of to generate side income and I do agree with you, do not put your ads link on my chatbox bcs I'm certainly going to ignore that huhu :)

  14. Wooo I guess I should schedule my post as well. Thanks for the sharing, pretty! :)

  15. @FatinaI'm not just ignoring it, I curse. that thing annoyed me a lot

  16. i do those things everyday too but i probably won't have the time to do so when i start school again next week x

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Thanks a lot,akak! I really need this sort of guidance to be a better blogger in the future. Huhusz... This particular post is the reason you gained a new follower.

  19. @Hanis MpabliYou're welcome. This is just a simple guideline for all x


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