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My 3 Favourite Movies


Everytime I don't have any class or facing writer's block, movie is the best medium for me to release everything. Well, I'm not saying that I am movie addicts, but I enjoy watching some kind movies which is NOT thriller or horror. I hate those kind of movies because it scares me out of the hell.

Today, I would like to share with you guys my most top 3 favourite movies that I appearantly enjoy watching for a long-term period. Obviously, no Sci-Fi or horror Movies cuz I'm not a fan of it. My movies genres that is most likely to be watched by me is drama, romance, family & any other kind of movies that related to us.

Well, this 3 movies are in my laptop so I guess I need to share with you guys why you should watch or download this movies (for those who haven't watch them).

My first favourite movie is The Devil Wears Prada

Well, I bet most of you guys know what this movie which is starred by Anne Hathaway! This movie tells a story about a girl, Andrea (Anne Hathaway)  is a fresh out of a University & lands her job that most girls would kill themselves for as a junior assistant to the chief of Runway fashion magazine.

At first, Andrea was so lame especially with her attitude & old-school fashion that makes Emily, Miranda's senior assistant condemned her & gossiped about her fashion to other workers. It's not until art director, Nigel helps Andy by lending her designer clothes. (More on The Devil Wears Prada)

Why I love this movie?

This is because this movie taught me to be myself in whatever we are doing & not to forget our friends when we are at the top or success. Remember who was with us when we are down, trying to pull up ourself to stand.

The next one is Love, Rosie

This is a story where two best friends, Alex & Rosie been friend for a long time. They are then finally refuse to tell each other that they are in love. Through thin & thick, they went all together exactly like lovebirds. (Synopsis of the story Love, Rosie)

This movie taught me that true love is actually your best friend. You will think that a friend will never be your lover but it is actually. How can you expect when two best friends from different sex has no feelings towards each other? Love comes naturally even when you force not to. But, I didn't say that ALL of the different sex best friends are, it's just most of them.

We tend not to tell our best friend (if we are in the situation) that we have fall for them because it might ruin the friendship that has been built since childhood. But, it was good to have opposite sex best friend, I swear.

And Last but not least, The Vow

This is the real romance movie. You won't believe it but I am touched when I watched this movie. This movie tells us a story about this married couple, Paige & Leo watched movie together. As they stopp at a stop sign, Paige leans over Leo & kiss him. Unfortunately, that night, a truck hits their car from behind & Paige was crashed through the windshield.

To make it easier to told you, Paige & Leo was rushed to the emergency room. As Paige wakes up from her conciousness, she thought that Leo is her doctor. She actually lost all her memories for past few years. (Synopsis of The Vow)

They get married by themselves with some of their friends because Paige's wealthy family doesn't like Leo. Imagine yourself in this situation where both of you are deeply in love, went through hard times together, make an escape, but something happens just like that? Only those who has a very tough heart can face this, I know.

Well, what are your top 3 favourite movies in your laptop?


  1. I have been watched love, rosie. I think they life so complicated. Tapi orang kata jodoh takkan kemana. Jauh mana pun, dia juga bakal hidup mati.. hehhe

  2. My most favourite movie that I always enjoy watching is Fast n Furious. The vow is also my fav movie. 😍😙

  3. tiga2 tak tonton lagi haha. kena tengok ni

  4. Semua saya belum tengok.. InsyaAllah ada masa boleh tengok cerita yang telah disenaraikan...

  5. I think we have the same taste in movies! I bet you like Before You too!

  6. The only movie I haven't watch from your lists is The Devil Wears Prada.. the other two were the perfect movie ever.. XD

  7. People keep telling me to watch Love, Rosie but I'm not ready T_____T hahahaha The Vow looks promising though, I probably gonna watch it by this weekend alongside with The Twilight Series (yes, I'm late)

    Lol, my favorite would always be The Great Gatsby (I do not know how can Leonardo diCaprio be so charming)

  8. paling suka tengok cerita love, rosie sampai ulang banyak kali haha.

  9. Ala belum sempat tengok lagi semua tu...Kena cari ni. hehehe.

  10. @Rockysweety 90Hahaha yes! That's the most fav so far, the storyline is just so perfect

  11. @C i k R e n e xI watch action movies but not so into them, drama will always be my fav

  12. @Noor AzlanYess, memang wajib tengok. Tak tengok rugi

  13. @FlavneszThe devil wears prada has a lot of lessons you can learn. Try to watch it once & you will never move on with it

  14. @faten.bananaLove Rosie is a really must-watch movie ever, the love story line is so perfect!

    Well, I love The Great Gatsby because yess, Leonardo looks totally charming as hell in the movie. I guess in all movie hahaha

  15. I never watched all the movies you've listed 'cos I'm not really into the romance genre. And I don't really have any fav movies because my preference keeps on changing once I watched a new movie lol

  16. @PuteriI never thought that I would hang on with these movies, but I just can't move on with it.

  17. Love, Rosie!!!! One of my favourite movies too! I think I should watch another 2 movie that you've listed :)

  18. @FARAHZLove Rosie is so irresistable! Yes, you really should


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