Bad Beauty Habits


There's nothing perfect in this world, include the way we tale care of our own beauty. Yes, there's always a mistake/mistakes. However, have we ever know that these bad beauty habits can be prevented if we push ourself to do so?

I'm not sure whether you guys are aware of this bad habits but, I am pretty sure that you actually had this habits. My friends were talking about this in the class, chattering without any point but I think that this is a must-tell information to be told.

In case you are having this bad habits, do not hesitate to change & prevent! Let's see what bad beauty habits that you probably have.

Nail Biting 

I experienced this before. Yes, I did. I couldn't stop biting my nails until I have braces put on my teeth. That was the time I finally stop biting my nails. I know it was so bad & worse but I can't stop.

This is one of the bad beauty habits that you really should prevent. YES, YOU SHOULD. This is the most annoying thing that ever happen to me but what can I do to stop it btw? Thanks to my braces now. 

Girls, push yourself to stop biting nails. Besides it makes your nails bad & ugly or even uglier, it also transfers bacterias to your mouth. You do not even realised that you are actually have a lot of bacterias in your body. 

Braces helps me a lot. It stops me from biting my nails. It also makes my nails better than ever. My nails' shape getting better & I feel that my hands are now prettier than me hahaha

Use Baby Wipes as Makeup Remover

This is a no-no to all makeup lovers. Baby wipes as makeup remover? Girl, you are going crazy. Never ever use baby wipes as your makeup remover because it doesn't suit well with your skin. Plus, it can't really move your makeup away but making it stay still on your face.

It might slightly wash away your makeup but not cleansing it 100%. There are much makeup leftovers on your face & guess what, it could attack your face & gives 'present' on your face. Nothing is worse than pimples, you know.

Baby wipes can be used to wipe dust or stain on your table or anywhere possible, but not for your face. Please change to makeup remover or cleanser before washing your face using face foam.

Makeup Brushes Cleanliness

The reason why I tell you this because this is one of the reason why acne or pimples getting wild on your face. You should take care of your makeup brushes cleanliness because it could harm your face skin slowly.

These days, there are a lot of Instagram shop sellers selling makeup brush egg to cleanse & clean your makeup brushes. This is because our makeup brushes has been exposed to previous makeup stains that we use. 

This is also to ensure the safety use for us to use the brushes all over again. Who doesn't love something that is user friendly & goes well with your face?

Besides that, it could make your makeup brushes last longer. Save money, save brushes, save everything. Be wise.

So, have you ever had or are having any of stated or even others bad beauty habits? Maybe you can share it with me so that we can exchange knowledge & help each other out! ✌


  1. I have the same habit like you which is not cleaning my makeup brushes. What I got because of my bad habit was acnes and pimple everywhere on my face. And luckily it was a few years ago. Now, I always clean my brushes after I'm finished using it eventhough it was not so dirty. Just in case. Haha 😊

  2. @Syaza RaihanahI didnt clean my brushes until now hahaha god what happen to me

  3. Too lazy to take care of my make up brushes. Will do though!

  4. 1. I used to have the same habits before too. While in primary school, it was so addicting and I suddenly stop but cant remember when. Maybe its because my finger nail looks very ugly and I dint want it to be permanent.

    2 Luckily I never used baby wipes, I do believe its harm to put things in our face with wrong product. I carefully research and spending lots time in Guardian to know its ingredients safe to use or no.

    3. Yeah, hygiene is priority!

  5. i used baby wipes to clean my face if im in a hurry. u know when u are stuck in a traffic and its getting late so u just wipe your makeup with wet tissue or baby wipes to save time later on.
    thanks for reminding me. is makeup remover wipes okay?

    XX Atheera | XX

  6. @Eyqa ZqI know right. It's good that youy stop naturally

    Yess it left bad chemicals to our face & potentially harm ours.


  7. i get very lazy to clean my brushes xD

  8. @Anys Nadhilaheveryone is. We tend to not take care of it xD

  9. I never have those bad habits. Lucky me. Haha. But I used to envy people who can bite off their nails. Sebab waktu dekat sekolah dulu akan ada spotcheck kuku. If you have long nails, then you're doomed. But some of my friends just bite their nails and voila, they passed the spotcheck. I even practiced how to bite my nails for that reason but I just can't lol

  10. @PuteriThat's good. Never start to bite your nails or wit will be totally addicted. You're gonna cry


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