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It's Been A Long Time & Boat Noodle Now in Melaka!


Two topics/stories in a post, it doesn't give much trouble because they are so related to each other. On 1st of February, my old friends when I was form 2 & I went out together because it's been a really long time since we did not gathering. I mean, we never gather with most of us joined it.

This is my form 2 rangers. Why form 2? Because one of us got into this school when we were 14, & another one moved away right after form 3, & at our 15, we have to split. The new system in school forced us to split classes & not all of us are aware with cell phone, whatsapp & all so yeah, we split forcefully. 

Not longer after, one of us took all of our phone numbers & form a whatsapp group which is named as 'Comeback HAINAREZ'. What is HAINAREZ? It is our group's name. I mean, we are best friends & I want to stick with them no matter what so when I was form 1, we decided to give a name for our group. To bond us together.

I am good at this, well you know. I mean, I gather all of our names & combine it to make it a name. There we go!

HAINAREZ ; Azreen, Ain, Yana, Teha, Hanis, Eza, Umi, Intan, Adah *Caca moved during our form 2 year*

Well, when we were form 4, of course, we had to split again because every of us decided to take course based on our own interest & Caca moved to another school. There we are after few years gather & bond.

However, there are only 6 of us that joined the gathering but it's okay because it's worth it! Well from left is Caca, Me, Ain, Yana, Eza & Farah.

We decided to gather at Mahkota Parade because I wanted so hard to try the new food hunt place in Melaka, Boat Noodle!!! Hello, I always wanted to try this Boat Noodle but driving myself to KL is a no-no for me. & hey, it's in Melaka already. I should be thankful for this.

I only took 4 bowls & that makes me crazy enough because they are spicy!!! I mean, I love this so much but I can't handle with the spiciness of the noodle. It's not that bad, not too spicy but it's just me that cannot stand with spicy things. 

Boat Noodle is good though, we had to line up because they are a lot of people there! The serving is a bit slow & took a long time, I don't even know why. I mean, the noodles came before the drinks. WHERE THE HELL IS OUR DRINKS? 

I ate some before I even got my drink, I was about to burst out because imagine yourself eating spicy food but you have no drinks??? WHAT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING? WHERE IS MY DRINK?

Well, I was so hungry & had 4 bowls of it aren't enough. I want more but they are too spicy, I have to forget about it though.

We went to karaoke bar to enjoy ourself after a long time not seeing each other & we were chilling at Black Canyon Restaurant to 'lepak' & share stories together before we get home. 

So, this is the day I will never forget because it is not easy to meet them as we get a chance to meet during this CNY holiday. I hope we can meet some other time, InsyaAllah.

Some memories won't hurt, I know


  1. Semoga persahabatan kamu semua sentiasa berkekalan....

  2. It's always great to gather with your best friends after a long time. btw, boat noodle is not spicy enough (maybe because I love spicy food?) and it's not worth it! haha. Love your stories :)

  3. honestly, I made a clueless face when you said that boat noodle was spicy.. I just had them and I wonder to myself, tang mana yang pedas.. hahaha..

  4. Me pun baru jak rasa boat noodle and it was really yum. The spicy one was my fave. hehe. May your friendship everlasting! :D

  5. @Seorang SyedIkr. it is just me that can't stand with spicy food but it's worth to try!

  6. @Flavneszit is just me that can't stand with spicy food because for myself, it is 'quite' spicy

  7. @Eyqa ZqYes it is! The price worth it. Thank you so much x

  8. Alahai suwitnyaa persahabatan ni. Teringat geng lama masa sekolah, belum ada rezeki nk berkumpul lagi, huhuhu. Sedih2

  9. @Mayy JieBiasa lah bila masing2 dah besar, memang susah nak gather semua sekali. InsyaAllah one day, positive!

  10. It's always hard to meet and gather with your friends. You're lucky you had the chance. I haven't meet up with my school friends for years.


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