January Haul


It's a mini January haul time! Well I don't shop much on January because I use money a lot to do assignment, to fill the fuel tank because there's a lot lot of outside assignment that is need to be done. Well however, I still manage to took some money to buy these things because they are run out already.

If you read my post on My Favourite Makeup Brand, you will get to know that I love to use Avon products because they are totally affordable like drugstores product as well. However, I haven't try their skincare products like cleanser, toner, creams because I prefer to buy from drugstores. 

So, these are the 3 things that I bought from Avon last January, a deodorant, which is my first time trying it & also 2 magic lipsticks that are my faves too!

I ran out of deodorant so to buy a new deodorant, I feel like trying Avon deodorant since it is affordable & I want to buy more often & more products on Avon just to get my points.

I would like to try this out since I've been trying Rexona, Enchanteur & also Shurah & they are all the same. I mean, the fragrance are just too strong that people will totally recognize my deodorant fragrance flavour. Isn't it a shame?

Well this soft petal flavour is just so nice! The smell is nice & soft, not too strong as I mentioned. It long lasts too! Say no more to bad odour cuz this deodorant is just good & safe for your skin.

How much did I bought this? Well, I bought this for only RM 4.90!!! Yes, it is a big deal y'know. Why don't you grab one? It's member price but if you want to try it, you can use my member ID, just email me anytime. Or you want to be a member? Up to you.

These are the 2 lipstick that I bought with the deodorant as well. If you read my post on I linked above, I am so in love with this magic lipstick in Snow Pink! I no need any better lipstick because it is long last & doesn't fade after hours. Affordable & quality is just nice. Perfect match!

When I bought this lipstick which usually out of stock, Avon offers me with buy 2 at RM 15. So, I was thinking that it is not a big deal, why not I try to grab a new colour on my list? Well, totally, I go on with Green Apple colour as my old friend wear it. So, I decided to take it.

Guess what, the Green apple turns to pink colour which suits my dark-fair skin so well. I mean like, it is just nice as snow pink colour. No regrets in trying new one, right?

Well I could say this that Avon product is as good as drugstore product. If you are looking for an affordable product, Avon is just right for you. 

Last but not least, a picture won't hurt

You know that I'm excited with my new marble background? Well obviously. Will talk about that background later!

Have you ever experience using Avon product? How was it? Or if you haven't, have you ever feel like to try it?


  1. I prefer deodorant with a strong odour so it won't be necessary for me to wear perfume anymore haha

  2. Yeah me too. Ai prefer deodorant with a strong odour. Hahahaha sbb tak suka mcm mcm bau 😅

  3. @PuteriHahaha that's so weird but yeah, different people has different ways

  4. deadorant for rm5? wow thats a great bargain

  5. Fact, I currently using the same deodorant as you. Haha. It is quite okay but it takes time to dry. But once it fully dry, it will stay for the whole day. Hehe. I need to try the lipstick, it looks so nice 😊

  6. @Syaza RaihanahIkr! You should try this simple go-to lipstick


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