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RM 2 Haul


April is just around the corner and guess what? I am going to face my final examination real soon which is this Tuesday and ends on the mid of April. Then what? 5 months of holiday! I don't know whether I should be happy or nah, I just want to finish my study ASAP.

Well let's get back with the topic today, it's haul post to take it's turn! Well I don't really make a haul post because I don't really know how to describe things and stuff but let's just make a short description about this haul.

And what makes I am excited a lot about this haul is because it is freaking-totally-really-affordable-cheap-seriously items! They are not just below RM 5, they are just RM 2 items!!!

The story begins when I went to Perak because my mom had reunion with her classmates once ago at Parit but then it was their reunion why should I bother there? So I asked my mom to drive myself to any city nearby, and the most nearest city is Seri Iskandar so I guess it will not be a problem since my brother is with me.

Seri Iskandar is just a small city with Tesco, UiTM, UTP, KFC, MCD in it, but it's okay because I just want to see how Seri Iskandar is like. Thanks to Waze to bring me here. 

First at first, I went to Billion (Supermarket or Hypermarket) to see what's in there but yeah, it is just a small mall but I don't know why I get excited to be there. It's shocking me when the price is so cheap compared to any in Melaka. 

Not long after, of course, I went into Mr. DIY but nothing caught my eyes except the air freshener to put in my car & my parents' so whatever. 

Then before I went back to the hotel where the reunion is held, I saw a 2 ringgit store which I think would be interesting for me to grab one or two items.

I should be freaking straight into the points but yeah, let's just read my story.

So, I went into the store and it shocked me because EVERYTHING IS REALLY RM 2 (exclude the GST) lol. What I mean here is because I have ever went into 2 ringgit store but the price is not really RM 2. There are a lot of RM 2 above items BUT THIS STORE IS LIT AF, EVERYTHING IS REALLY AT 2 (but there are only certain items that exceeds RM 2. Yep, only certain).

I'm not kidding, let's see what items did I bought.

The first items is 'cheap makeup brushes' which is also known as basic makeup brushes. I have a lot of brushes but seeing this 'cheap' and affordable with pink colour makes me wanted to grab them and yes, this set is only at RM 2. There are 5 pcs of it, I guess it is just enough for me as spare part of my other brushes.

Besides the brushes is the blender stick. I bought it since my beauty blender is quite pathetic to use (I am serious) so with just RM 2, it is not a big deal. I grab them without questioning any cuz why not?

But girl, don't ask me the quality of the brushes cuz you can see it through the picture yourself and the brushes are totally out of quality because it is cheap, what more do you want. Don't expect a good quality with this kind of price. If you want to make it as your collection, why not?

I don't know why I grab them but I just did and all the items in the picture above is one set! Yes, all of them for only RM 2 including the eyelash curler. You can get the eyeshadow brush, clipper, utilities for your care where you can bring anywhere.

 I grab them because I want the eyelash curler since mine is broken 😐

Let's move on to the next item which is the makeup brushes also, basic makeup brushes and this makeup brushes are tiny where I can say they are kind of travel makeup brushes. Besides tiny and easy to bring anywhere. You can make this brushes.... into one. TADAAAAAA

Say no more. No complains about having a heavy thing or whatever, it is an easy tool, isn't it?

Last but not least, the shades and the earphone (separately). First of first, the shades. Have I ever said that I love shades very very much? Yes, I do not really collect shades but I love to buy shades for myself or even for my mom. 

The reason why I bought this shades because it is cheap & I need to wear it while driving even though I have lots in my car. This shades is so simple yet versatile, I can even match it with any outfit!

The last one is the earphones!!! This earphone is obviously non authentic apple product but it looks like one. I ever saw this kind of earphone somewhere (I should not mention) but the cheapest I saw costs RM 10. Then I saw this & I think I should just grab it since it is cheap.

Before I grab this earphones, I was wondering is this 'thang' is really RM 2? This is still unbelievable. 

Besides all these things I grabbed, there are a lot more things that I wanted to grab but I don't know whether it is a need or wants. I had dilemma that day. I wanted to grab toys to decorate my car, usb cables for spare part because all of it costs RM 2 only. Dilemma sucks. 

So, do you have any RM 2 thing that you own until now? Or any RM 2 store around your residence? What did you grab?!


  1. These looks so pretty! I'm dying to go on a makeup shopping splurge right now! :)

  2. Kedai Eco RM2 ke? Hehehehehe...memang tak nak keluar bila masuk situ. Semua nak angkut...hahah

  3. @Noor MaizanYesss! Kedai tu buat orang rambang mata xD

  4. kalau masuk kedai RM2 memang macam-macam benda nak beli. tapi selalunya beli makanan utk stock dekat kolej...hahahahahaha

  5. It's hard to believe all items cost RM2 even the earphones?
    What I'm wondering is how much its manufacturing costs? - walaupun sebenarnya tak perlu kisah sangat pun, hehehe

  6. @Atiqah HanapiOMG lupa part tu. Sebab masa tu terlalu tumpu benda2 macam ni

  7. @I am LZThat even crossed my ming hahaha but I'm so thankful I have it now

  8. Kedai RM2 memang ada 2 3 jgk dekat area rumah akk. Tp blum gst. Jadi RM2 dan ke atas harganya. Memang akan jadi mcm ni kalau pergi kedai RM2. Akk selalu cari stationary kat kedai RM2 ni.

  9. @C i k R e n e xKaaan tak tahu kenapa kedai dia caj GST sekali but Alhamdulillah puas hati dengan harga tu

  10. Murahnya! Bestnya! Sellau lalu ke kedai RM2 ni, tak pernah masuk lagi haha.


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