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Things I'd Like to Improve On My Blog


I never feel so satisfied with my blog design, content & all. Because for me, all I did has it's cons. Well, of course, I am just an amateur blogger so I have much to improve on my blog. For your information, something just made me wanted to stop blogging because it saddened me so bad when someone talk bad about my blog straight into my face. Who doesn't?

In order to satisfy "you" to read my blog, I would really like to improve my blog in certain kind of views because I think I really need to take actions to make it better. Well there are so much parts on my blog that I think are so needed to be upgraded.

The old school style, there & there, everything seems not to be on point. In order to make your readers feels so comfortable with your blog, DESIGN OR PRESENT your blog in friendly reader way.

So here's the things that I would like to improve on my blog.


Designing your template after you have been edited it once ago is a very challenging thing to do. I can adjust the html codes & all but it takes so much time to do it. It has to be really careful with the colour, margin, font, size, width, border & some more because those little things are so meaningful to our blog.

It can affect our blog clearly. As you know, I am designing the template myself & not really using the basic codes from blogger. I've changed everything & I can't turn it back to basic UNLESS I reset them all. How can I reset everything? It's like starting over to blog & I don't have much time to design my blog.


I always wanted to deliver good contents to my readers. However, I found out that my content is not fulfill the needs that readers want. They usually want something more from my explaination. I think I am just centering my topic sentences but not the points that all readers want to know.

I am basically love writing so much. I am slowly make my content into a better one which is full with information that people eager to know. I am still trying my best.

Well, to get nice & good content, plagiarism isn't my way. I don't copy other's hand work & act it like mine because I am not a copycat. Basically if I take points from any sources, I would OBVIOUSLY credit to them as reference or source.

Photography 📷

To get the best & nice picture, of course you need to edit & have a good skill with your camera. Since I am a masscomm student, it is a bonus for me to get to know how to use the camera, adjust the lighting, ISO & aperture but the problem is how to properly set up the props & it's background.

I usually use my blanket in golden brown as a background or even my white scarf & my monochrome (black & white) scarf. I also now have a marble background which I really love the most! But, to adjust & arrange the props, I am bloody bad at it. I guess I need more advise about photography style. Using my own flat lay makes me feel like 'I am a good blogger' lol FML.

User Friendly

Sometimes I do think that my blog is not really a friendly user blog. I sometimes find it hard for people to view my blog, to comment & maybe it is because of the design of my blog itself. Maybe some of you guys did not get to search the right post you are looking on my blog, especially the labels of each post. Maybe it looks messy or whatever, but I just find it not user friendly.

I guess that's all things I'd like to improve on my blog. Well, I am still figuring out what should I do next to improve my blog.

Anything you think I should improve? *exclude my grammar hahaha*


  1. Hello. Dropping by to say hello. Nice blog u have

  2. I know what U feel coz i also face the same thing but since i'm blogging just for fun and i love edit blog but not in writting so its still okey for me if i have a small viewer.. LOL *tak apa-apakan? XD^ btw u have a nice blog actually. I love this kind of template ^^

    I just change my blog skin, if u dont mind, visit me ^_- (

  3. wish i could do a good writing too! insyallah blh improve lagi. :D

  4. @Arrien::@man!::I hope mine is better cuz I am dreaming to be better in everything about this blog but Alhamdulillah if it's fine to others. Hahahaha will do!

  5. @Eeca ShyaaYesss, boleh improve lagi. Keep determining L:D

  6. i love your blog so much ^^ it is simple and easy to navigate . i do hate mine -.-

  7. @ANIS NABILAHOh girl dont hate yours cuz i am one of your writing's fans

  8. Azreen I feel you about arranging things as a flat lays. I'm really sucks on that too. That is why now I just add one to two elements on my subjects (basically books). Simplicity is the best but I really need to learn how to arrange element the proper way. haha.

  9. I think I fall in love with your blog at the very first sight. Hihi
    I love the simple design and how you write the entry. My blog also need moreeee improvement.

    Follow here and nice to know you! ;)

  10. @Eyqa ZqI dont even know what to put in the flat lay. FML xD

  11. @Ana FatihahWell, every bloggers have that insecurities towards others blog, so do I. But its okay, host like we used to, be yourself xx

  12. Heyyy Azreen, jangan sedih tau. Blog ni dah okay lah.
    Chic, santai, informative. Kalau nak move ke template baru memang perlukan masa kan, slow2 take your time ok.

  13. @Noor MaizanThank you for the supportive words! Still looking forward next theme for the blog

  14. Hi. This is my first time here. I really like your blog cause it has simple design. Sometimes less is more :)

  15. @FarahHi dear! Thank you for the visit. I wish mine is totally minimal & reader-friendly


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