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August Wrap Up

August has been such a very memorable month for me as it is the last month of me working & having cuppa tea at home cuz I will be leaving home in a few days before I head to Rembau. Surprisingly, I actually listed to be a college residence so I AM VERY EXCITED! No house rents, no no no.

I do not think that many memorable moments happen on August but I don't know it is full of blessings. Couldn't tell you much about it. Maybe later? xD


I was home a bit earlier, I was scheduled for morning shift so at night, I asked my friend to go for wayang actually. Things turned out. She picked me at my house & all of sudden she asked me to drive her car because she lost her driving license & she's afraid if something might happen on the road. So she asked me to teman her look for her license that might left somewhere in police station as she was there because she met with an accident (not serious).

Then her mom called her saying that her license is somewhere in her pants (lol) so she felt relieved a bit but still I have to drive her all the way. We decided not to watch movie but just look for food which I think is better because I'm hungry as hell. Which I think nothing interested anymore


Had my noon shift so I should be home but then my parents actually at Kampung Morten had their dinner so I drive myself right away there but I didn't had my dinner there because my parents had already tapau for me. So I just sit there & watch the view right next to Sungai Melaka, with some river cruise road in front of my eyes. But I could tell you that my view that night was just amazing.


I went to Puspakom to settle some sort of things so when I got home, my parents asked me to go lunch together so we only went to gerai which is near to my house & it was our first time there. The grand menu is of course, in Melaka, what else? Asam Pedas. I'm not in the mood to have asam pedas for today so I ordered 'Laksa Penang Ikan Seekor'. 

I am not very familiar with this menu, 'ikan seekor, what?' but then, look what I got

On the same day, at work, during my break hour, I managed to go to 'Julies The Best of You' that is held in AEON Mall Melaka, & wrote something sweet to my work mates. I guess it is quite sweet & touchable?


Still at work, work & work. Then this girl from Starbucks came & told us that Starbucks got a very attractive offer, which you can get a tall size beverage & any listed food for only RM 20 (combo). Welp, hello, where can you get this such amazing offer?! I usually had Starbucks & costs me 20++ so this is a very good deal.

So my work mates & I decided to order, we all order the same thing which is - Chocolate Cream Chip & Mac and Cheese. I wanted to have Irish Cream but the pudding was out of stock *crying a bit* so chocolate is okay lah. The next day I ordered again because I couldn't resist the amazing price. Once in a while takpe lah.


Had my morning shift today & decided to take my family out for dinner! I wanted to treat them dinner as it was my last month working & my siblings were home for school holiday but nahhh missing my older brother again.

So I decided to take them to Floyd's Kitchen which is at Taman Lagenda, in front of AEOM Mall Melaka. What can I say from the start I sat on the chair is the cafe is sooooooooo quite. I don't kow why & there's not much people there. 

As I went around the menu, it's all westerns as I thought & the price is totally killing me. I mean, it's normal but not for this kind of cafe which is not hipster or attractive at all. I would rather & suggest Leezo container as it has a better place; soemthing unique & the price is better than this.

I had my everytime-favourite pasta which is Aglio Olio seafood, it tastes 'okay' but there are much cafes cook better.


It was my last day working here & it's National Day!!! Guess what I wore on that day?

I planned with my team to wear Jalur Gemilang colours & I bet nobody wants to wear white scarf exclude me so I'm wearing it! Oh please, exclude the blouses we put on because they are boutique's. LOL. I asked them to fit any blouse that suits their scarf just to take pictures. It's Jalur Gemilang's colours okay don't miss understood.

So everything went okay on my last day working. We even had chocolate cakes from the girl in red. Nisa, the one standing next to me in blue-black decided to share money to buy everyone Mango Float! It's our last day so why not?

I wish I could go back time & still with this team once again, if Allah wills it. Even for a very short period, they have been nice & they actually sarcasm-ed me a lot. It was fun & great to be with them! Eh wait, I have something up to with my team. Wait for the next post :D


  1. No house rent is Alhamdulillah isn't :D and yazz , laksa penang tu memang famousssss. Tapi tak pernah rasa lagi, sedap tak ?

  2. I haven't heard of laksa with literally ikan seekor before :D haha that's interesting!

  3. Now I want that Starbucks meal mac and cheese set haha

    ☆ Atheera ☆


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