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Short Getaway at Port Dickson

Ready yourself a cup of tea because it's going to be a long post. Before I head to Rembau in just few days left, I managed to plan a visit to Port Dickson with my workmates as all of us have resigned to further our studies exclude the one in blue scarf hehe. It went totally miserable to choose where to go with our limited money and time.

We at first decided to go to Cameron but due to the limited time we have, we do think that we can't make it. So then we decided to go to Shah Alam for the skytrex & some other places there but then we found out that it is better to go to somewhere calm & peace, and nearer so it will be easier for us to have much time together.

I don't know how do I came up the idea for having a trip at Port Dickson but we actually made it! There are a lot of challenges from transportation to time limit.

About the transportation, we decided to ride on my car BUT my road tax has expired & the morning before I wanted to renew my road tax, the system went down & they can't make it. I was totally miserable so I asked for my parent's car. They allowed me at the very last minute (relieved)(exhales).

About the time limit, Kina, the one in blue scarf is still working & the boutique doesn't have enough worker yet since all of us had quit so she supposed to work & manager did not allow her to take any leave but fortunately she found someone to hire to replace her schedule & it went okay. (and that person quit the next day lol).

Let's start with the first place I visited which is my homestay at Ocean View Resort (apartment) which is totally deserted. But it has such a nice view but I do not have pictures of it. You can watch it later on my youtube channel, I will provide the link below hihihi.

Next, my pit stop is at Seri Mesra Seafood. I ordered Set Nasi Ayam Panggang which is totally bad. I have to do honest review on this. Plus, the service is soooo slow even though there aren't many customers. I have waited my drinks for like 15 minutes and my food for about 20 minutes?

Next is we head to Ostrich Farm, Port Dickson. Excuse my oh-please-uncle-stop-asking-me-to-go-nearer. Well let me introduce you, Puteri (that Uncle told me her name). Male ostriches are so wild so they did not give us the chance to take pictures with them so here it is, the female ostrich.

The ticket price is RM 15 for adult and I'm not sure for kids. This was a very memorable moment because I get to see animals & be friend with them xD

Puteri is so tame but I don't know why I couldn't get myself closer to her, I just can't. I'm scared of animals, but not all. There are some animals there, camel, ostrich of course, goat, cow, horse, chicken, peacock, some more, including RABBIT!!!

The best part of this farm is Rabbit! I'm a bit scared of rabbit at first because I never pet a rabbit before but then I am sooo fall in love with Rabbit. It actually just like cats. They are so tame & cute. I love to see them hopping there & there. 

This rabbit just kissed me right before I took this picture omg I'm so in love with rabbit & I wish I could go back here & hug all the rabbits (I'm a little bit brave now).

Next, we head to Pantai Teluk Kemang to breathe in something good & calm. We managed to take pictures & had drinks together for a little while before I drove back to our apartment & jump in the pool! Fortunately there weren't many people at the pool (or I can say just a group of four people there only) so we actually conquer the pool anyway.

At night, we looked for food at the most-popular-pit-stop, King's Char Kuey Teow.

Overall is okay, service is not so fast but just nice, there's only some mistakes in taking orders when I actually ordered Chicken Chop but they served me lamb chop. My friend ordered hot lemon but they didn't give her & we informed them, they gave my friend lemon ice. LOL

Move on to the next day, we actually planned to woke up early to go swimming in the pool but things turned out when everyone is sooo lazy to go there. So we went to look for breakfast with our bare face (without mandi).

Then we head to kedai 2 ringgit & of course, I shop almost everything there! Should I make a haul about it like before? Comment if you want to see my cheap-RM 2-haul!

We checked out at 1 p.m, but all of us doesn't feel like to eat anything, then we straight away to Upside down House Port Dickson which is across our homestay, near to Ostrich Farm & Politeknik Port Dickson.

Ticket price for Upside Down House PD is RM 20 for adult, RM 15 for kids & FREE for kids under 90 cm. 

Let me share what's inside the Upside Down House!

For me, myself, it's not bad but not too worth it because there's nothing really fun there. "Is it worth for RM 20?" No. RM 15 would be nice.

Next, we head to bandar Port Dickson but time is ticking & we have to hurry because I don't want to go back late, I'm just a little bit tired.

We then head to our marked places, Extreme Park Port Dickson. We at first decided to play go kart but then we found out that it is not worth our time. So then we chose ATV ride. Here's the ticket pricing for what's in Extreme Park, Port Dickson.

It was my first time ride on ATV, so I am a little bit nervous & the most nervous part is when my ATV shaking while my friends' were not shaking at all. But the worker keep on saying don't worry, it's nothing blablabla. IT WAS MY FIRST TIME, OF COURSE I AM SCARED OF IT.

Then we went in to the jungle & it was actually fun! The hectic part when we have to face mud & uneven land. It was so hard but it was really, really fun. I hope I get to ride on ATV all over again & again. It was really challenging & adventurous, I like it so much.

Right after that, we head back to our home. I dropped them one by one at their houses & our trip is over. It was a very memorable moment as it was my first time had a short trip with my friends. I wish I could go there back & have more more more fun.

Full Video on my Youtube Channel :

Have you ever been any short trip with your friends? Share with me in the comment box below to where you went! ✌


  1. Awww, the rabbit is sooooo cute! Btw, my girls and I also planned to go for a girl trip to PD at the end of this semester! Omg this post just excites me moreee ❤

    1. OMG really? Enjoy your trip nanti! You won't regret xD


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