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Tips Before Travelling

I've been for a short travel with my friends before. Well, I am very honoured to share with guys some tips that lying under lifestyle labels. However, I was very busy that I did not get the chance to even write up anything for past few days.

We travel because we would like to enjoy ourself, escaping from a very busy day. Apart from that, we would like to gain experience & learn new things at new places. Tell me I'm right.

Today, I would like to share with you guys some tips before you go travelling either with your friends or your family — or maybe alone? Since our country's economy is quite worse nowadays, we have to plan our financial very careful and choose the right platform to guide our travel planning.

So, let's start with some tips before travelling that you must know!

1. Make sure your equipments are good!

The equipments such as camera, tripod or monopod, charger, powerbank is totally ready. These kind of equipments are very needed when you go for travelling because you might need to capture your memories from the day you step on that place until the last day.

Please make sure that your equipments are in good condition as it will affect your travelling moments. Ready everything at the first place. Who knows that your camera is not working well on the day you wish it would be.

Well of course, we want to capture every moment we feel. That's how travelling is like. However, we must remember to take a very good care of the equipments as people are aiming travelers or tourists the most. You know, bad people everywhere, watching us everywhere.

For me, myself, equipment is everything I need. I mean, clothes & all are not really matter when you go for travelling. Girl, there's a huge difference between travelling & vacation. If you are travelling, you are a traveller. If you are on vacation, you are a tourist. 

That is why equipment is over everything — clothes, makeups, whaaaattt???

I can tell you this that these kind of equipments are your friends on the day you went travel. You will need them most at the time you are at those fascinating places you went. Capture every moments to post it on blog! 😜

2. Refer Traveloka

Well, I might say that this is the most important part after all. Before you go travelling, it is a must for you to check out your destination — where you wanna go.

To check & get the best flight, first of first you must download Traveloka application on your devices! Don't have enough space? Wait, you can also refer to their website! ✈

On Traveloka website/application, you can book your destination resorts or hotels and in conjunction to that, you can easily look for flight availability! It makes things easier, now you can fly everywhere without worries!

I bet, everyone had ever heard about Malaysia Airlines. As a Malaysian, I am so proud of Malaysia Airlines as it is well-known all around the world, flying everywhere with the name of Malaysia. For us especially who love to travel a lot, it is a very need for you guys to choose Malaysia Airlines as your flight choice. 

Malaysia Airlines also offer the best service for their customers. There are 3 types of seats they offer which are economy class seat, business class seat and also first class seat. You can choose any seats you want based on which seats you can afford and for your own comforts.

So, ever think to get any promotion from Malaysia Airlines? Well, Malaysia Airlines is now on promotion! Malaysia Airlines Promosi Terkini is now available, you guys can check it out now before it's too late! Be the first to book your flight ticket now & enjoy your travelling moments 🌸

With Traveloka, you can name any destination you want! From Jakarta to Philippine to Aussie to London or even Tokyo, you can simply refer to Traveloka as it lists all the best deals you can get through out the application or website.

With the new media now, you don't need your heave @$$ laptop, your smartphone is your life saver now. Buy your flight ticket anytime, anywhere. It would be a really great idea for you guys to choose MAS as your travel flight. You don't have to visit the travel agency anywhere again, it's all on your fingertips ✋

3. Pack Your Stuff

Guys, you guys are really near to the final step, but hold on. It's not yet. First thing first, let's pack up your stuff. Bring only the important things such as clothes (which is not extra clothes), travel kit bath & body works, and you are all set! If you eager want to bring along your skincare & makeups, try to minimize everything. If you have travel kit products, you can simply bring it.

It's travel time, you don't have time to get yourself done properly because all you need is to spend your whole time to enjoy every moment. You might don't want to miss out anything amazing on the day.

For the clothes, bring the clothes that easily to wear which is not crumple and all because you might have no time to iron them all. Think and choose wisely what is very needed for you to bring along. Do not bring the whole wardrobe along with you, it is just not right. SMH.

Apart from that, make sure your passport, your identity card, ATM cards, cash are well prepared and enough for you to go travel. Leaving those important things will make you cry over a river at the airport, I swear by.

Plan your trip/travel really carefully. Make a list on what to bring so you will not miss anything. First thing first is to know what to bring along; don't go over-board. Ehey, you better double check your booked flight on Traveloka to make sure it is done.

4. Ready to go!

Equipments ready, booked your MAS flight on Traveloka done, & packing up your stuff is now completed! Let's take off & enjoy every moments at your destination! All thanks to Traveloka to make it happen, to bring you anywhere you want with suggesting the most affordable price.

Enjoy your moments with your friends right away. Without the suggestions from Traveloka, I bet that everyone would not be able to feel the best kind of travel moments. Wait are you waiting for guys? Download Traveloka on your devices because it is available on iOS and Android! Easy steps to follow!

It's time to take pictures and enjoy every single moments, why I bother to be on blog now? *sighs*



  1. Good read here. Thnx for the reminder. oh i followed you here. #1656
    do visit and follow my new blog yaaa..

  2. I need a compact and light camera for traveling! I regretted not taking more photos and videos as that the only thing that I would look up whenever Im down

    ☆ Atheera ☆

    1. Hahaha pictures, videos are really needed for travelling. What a travel without cameras anyway

  3. wowww thanks for the tipsss. (: #salamperkenalan


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