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Ulu Bendul Recreational Park

Few weeks ago, I guess last month, my friends & I decided to have fun at Ulu Bendul Recreational park, Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan. It was actually for assignment purpose on Graphic, where we have to shoot fascinating places in Negeri Sembilan, & it is one of our choices!

This is the second most popular waterfall in Negeri Sembilan right after Jeram Toi. I wanted to go to Jeram Toi but it is quite far (a bit far from Rembau) it was all about the past, google it if you want to know. So forget it.

I was here with 4 of my friends. There are a lot of things happen on the day where we had fun and we had no fun something like that. As on our way here, I decided to use highway instead of normal road because it will be easier and faster. 

A not-so-long journey began and we touched down there at 10 maybe. What can I say about it when the first time I touched down here is, I AM SUPER EXCITED because it's been a long time since I did not go to any water parks or waterfall or anything related to water cuz I don't really like it because I found out that it is quite difficult to change, girls feel this.

I do not know to tell you guys how excited I am cuz I've been waiting to feel the fresh air and environment, and here what I got. It's totally fresh and breathtaking, I love nature so much! It feels so calm and stress free.

After taking some pictures for assignment purpose, there we go! Jump in the waterfall! Y'know what? The water freezes me. It's too cold and fresh, sooooooooo refreshing! After a while, I stood up & my friends told me that my shirt is quite jarang. So I decided to change my shirt. So one of my friend accompany me to change.

My car is locked. I took out my shirt at the boot. And guess what...... Some thing just happened. I left my car key in the boot and I already shut the boot. You know what I feel that day? My phones, my friends phones are all in the car, including our purses & other things. 

I feel like I'm done on that day. I was totally lost; what should I do. I looked for JPAM around there because they were there everytime, but the moment I looked for them, they are nowhere to be found. So I looked for them through the jungle nearer, & I saw a small snake BUT HELL NAH I HATE SNAKES.

My friends told me that it was just a normal snake, it didn't bite people, but I hate snakes, all snakes, any snakes, but not snacks hihihi. I screamed like I'm out of my breath, you don't know what I feel that time, I hate that moment. I don't know what on earth is happening to us, what kind of tests we are facing.

Ignore my friend's ugly face xD Well this is the moment when my friend accidentally bumped into JPAMs. They were trying to unlock my car, asked us to look for steel or something. They wanted to broke my car so I just let them do what is the best since my spare key is obviously at home. 

After a long time, it's still undone. Not long after, my friend said there was pacat on her leg. HELL YEAH, WHAT AGAIN? I hate pacat. I hate everything. I hate insects. I hate reptiles. I hate everythingggggggg. I feel like that pacat is on me, I don't know why. Maybe because I hate it so much?

It was totally disgusting. Well, these pictures were taken from my sports camera, since I left all my stuff in my locked car. LOL. This was when one of Abang JPAM helped my friend get rid of the pacat. Ugh, sorry but I'm not looking at how he remove the pacat. I hate it. 

After an hour, or maybe more than an hour, JPAMs finally unlocked my car!!! I feel very thankful and grateful that time, I don't know how to describe. I feel like crying a waterfall xD

Then what? I get dress & we started to jump into the waterfall, again! And hey, we met few friends there. I mean, there are few kids around us & they greet us so we just okay..... They are still kids so why bother, right? Ahhh I can't believe I be friends with kids lol.

What's good in Ulu Bendul?

The scenery is so refreshing and calm. The water is cold & fresh. The environment feels safe. You can even go for camping here with your family or friends! 

There are also 'Taman Ular' there but fortunately it was under construction, my friends wanted to go in there but hell nah. I'll sit outside, you guys can go in. 

The facilities are all set here. Toilets, cafe, surau and shops are available! You don't have to worry, it is very recommended for all of you guys to feel the nature! It is just few minutes away from Bandar Senawang. 

After we took our lunch & perform our Zuhur, we decided to move to our next location, Port Dickson. Maybe I'll talk more what's interesting at PD in my next post. So there it is for now!

Have you ever experienced going to any waterfall? Where & how it was?


  1. aiyoo pacat. gatalllllllllll sgttttttt.

    hi. jmput la join segmen kt sini

  2. Ulu Bendul mmang best airnya, lama dah akk tak pergi.
    xsabar nk tgu entri about PD lak

    1. Haa bila2 boleh pergi time cuti xD Memang tak menyesal. InsyaAllah ada masa nanti

  3. Dulu zaman belajar uitm kuala pilah selalu masak pastu bawak pi berkelah sini ngan bf, hahaha, rindu giler!

    1. Hahahaha bestnyaaaaa macam tu. Teringin pulak nak buat macam tu nanti xD


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