2017 Highlights

2017 has been a ride of hell for me because a lot of things happened in this year yet I was like "oooh, this happened in 2017? I thought it was last or 2 years ago." Nah fam, things went really hard for me but what makes me standing on my own feet now is that myself.

So today's post is going to highlight my life that went through all the year of 2017. Even though I thought my life would be even sucker than this, but I am very thankful for everything I have now & what I had faced on 2017. 

Before anything else, I would like to welcome 2018; but hey girl, I do not really have 2018 resolutions as I am aiming for lifetime resolutions. Same thing, different year. That's it. Anyway, Happy New Year everyone!!!

Well this is our first interview session at Jabatan Bomba & Penyelamat. It was a lot of fun, we managed to fulfill the requirement for the Public Relation subject & this happened when I was in semester 3. Through out this interview session, I get to know how to speak & even improve my communication skill, for sure!

Next, reunion with my mates during lower form! I am so lucky to meet them again because I missed them so much! I never really thought that I finally met them even for a few hours & this is my first time had Boat Noodle! Oh well they grew up so well, I guess we need to reunite on 2018 :D

Although I had such a very busy week when I was in semester 3, I managed to join the charity run which named Run4Syria that is held by part 4 students. This event is held under the ViRAL 2.0 by Masscomm students! It was fun even though I did not manage to get the best 20 runners (because they mixed the 20 winner both girls and boys) but at least I managed to get top 10 for girls (I counted them but fam, no medal for me hahahaha)

This is my last moment at Dewan Taming Sari, uiTM Lendu as this is my last semester there as I moved to Rembau. Couldn't say more, it went all smooth & I was really, really happy with my third semester life.

Another not-so reunion with my mates from UiTM! We created a whatsapp group named "MGHS UiTM" which totally a name of our school & for sure, we are all UiTM students now, just different places. I managed to meet them even for a short time, especially that girl in spec, she always, always busy & too far away but alhamdulillah, she came along!

Gaining experience to work at a boutique! Yes, this is the most precious moment of my 2017. I get to gain more and more experience working at a retail store. Thank God that I had the chance so because I was on my semester break for about 5 months, guys. But where are all the money went? Ups.

Good lighting, fam. Well, I also managed to go for holiday with my friends! I never thought that I even went to PD, the nearest place we could ever imagine we could go. But, it's still a goooood holiday with them all. I think I need more holiday & more money. I miss driving the road to anywhere with  my friends.

New semester, new environment, new campus, old friends, same old shyt. It's a love-hate relationship with Rembau. Great facilities but poor line coverage. But hell yeah, where's ATM in this campus? Please make it sooner because we, students need it the most. They promised it will be in campus on November but where the hell it is. Ugh.

HON4TN50 went so well! Alhamdulillah for all the blessings, supports and everything that we finally did it! And this is my first time handling a such big event, well, I could say good job to my team! I hope we can do better next time, mates!

And, to sum up everything, we finally met each other in person. Thank you for attending my 2017, it seems even better. No girls I'm not blushing while writing this. What should I write more about you..... nah. Sokay, til the next time hahahaha

By the way, I would like to wish all of you to have a good year of 2018. May God bless each one of you and live longer, everyone. Bring all the good memories from 2017 and left what is not worth to be in your 2018. 

I pray to everyone I know to have a great year of your life. Enjoy every single day of 2018 because we never know when everything will end. Have a great holiday, everyone!

Pssstt, I forgot that I'll be facing my final semester. Pray for me, everyone. I haven't read a single chapter. What did I do?!?! I am different from everyone but I honestly do not have a concrete 2018 resolutions because I am aiming to just have lifetime resolutions which I think would be better.

Waddup guys, what's your 2018 resolutions?


  1. Happy New Year! May everything goes well as planned! ^^

  2. Happy New Year, Azreen :)
    and Good luck in your final exam! :D

    Fatina xx | theinfinitywords.blogspot.com

  3. Good luck on your final!
    Happy new year and may 2018 be better and brighter year for you :)

  4. Happy New Year! Looks like you spend your 2017 quite well. May this year bring you more joy and happiness in your life 😊

    1. Alhamdulillah, that's the positive part only xD Btw thank you, you too!


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