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Daiso Beauty Products You Need to Try!

I always waste my money at Daiso because the stuff freaking cheap & reasonable with it's quality. I'm not saying all of the products but overall, I might say that I do love some of their products. Looking for any convenience stuff, I recommend you guys to check out Daiso stores available now.

So, talking about these Daiso's products, I am now reviewing some of the skincare/beauty products that I guarantee you guys need one because they are freaking good & goes well with me. I am not sure if it's good to anyone else but for me, I kinda love it.

Those who think Daiso prodcts aren't good because of the price, think about it again. Instead of putting a lot of fake products, why don't you go for Daiso? So, let me talk about all of the products that I have tried.

1. BB Face Cream
2. Body Moist Cream
3. Cleansing Water
4. Sake Milky Lotion
5. Makeup Brush Cleaner

BB Face Cream
I bought years ago, what can I say about this product is this product is very very good and works for me. The texture is super light, makes me feel easy and my skin can breathe perfectly. Compared to any other products, I would say that this product is very recommended for those who have oily skin concern since it doesn't make my face oily!

Body Moist Cream
I don't know what is wrong with my leg lately, but it dries a lot more than before, my skin chapped under knee area. So I am now looking forward for a product that can really fix my skin since I rarely put lotion on that area (because it was smooth af because it happened) xD

Then, there it goes. I put it every time after shower and I can say that I can see a little bit changes to my skin. It's not really chapped, but it's getting better, my skin is now smoother. But I think I really need to drink more & more water for it to go back to normal.

Cleansing Water
Looking for an extra affordable makeup remover/cleansing water? Why don't you go for Daiso Cleansing Water? It works extra fine with my face when at first I thought it would harm my face but after all, it's good! It clears all the makeups on my face, very recommended. I am now on my 2nd bottle of this!

Sake Milky Lotion
I love this lotion very, very much because the texture is extra light, it's liquid texture; that's why the name is milky. Different from other lotion, it's way easier to apply and not sticky, oily at all. This also helps in moisturizing my hand and body and I can say it's now my favourite lotion after all. Plus, milky texture absorbs better than others. And hey, the fragrance smells sooooo good!

Makeup Brush Cleaner
This makeup brush cleaner works very well. It rinse all the makeup stains on my brushes and all of them looks like new one! I usually mix it with some water because the chemical of this cleaner is quite strong. Girls, do not forget to clean your makeup brushes once in 2 days (for me) because it is not good to 'recycle' the stains on your face. Get yours one!

Surprisingly, everything above is at RM 5.90 each, because it is Daiso, fellas. I couldn't say more, I am very happy with my purchase and choice. I do love drugstores products as well, but Daiso's price is really killing everyone! I am now eyeing to try more of their skincare products like masks, cleanser and I'm going to give a review for all of the products when I have done trying them out.

So, those who are very or extra scared to try any drugstores product, I recommend you to try Daiso's first since it is cheap so it won't waste you much. Well, skincare must be invested. 

Any of you have ever tried any of these products? Or any Daiso products you guys recommend me to use after this? Comment down below!


  1. The cleansing water looks good, thanks for the recommendation I would love to try it! :)

    1. Yess babe, it's sooo good kalau compare dengan price dia. Welcome babe!

  2. Omg i never see anyone review about daiso's skincare/beauty before. This is such a good info. 😍 hye try their eyebrows pencil also! Best

    1. I made this to ensure people are not down grading Daiso's products yang totally good actually hahahaha. I tak reti lukis eyebrow actually, I tak pernah lukis eyebrow pun xD

  3. Heard about the makeup brush cleaner a lot. Gonna buy and try it someday.

    1. Wow that sounds good! RM 5.90 is no regret purchase

  4. akk suka pergi Daiso, tp sygnya kat area rumah akk xde. kalau pergi rumah kakak baru lah ada masa nk menjenguk Daiso. Nanti pergi nk beli body moist cream. nampak mcm menarik.

    1. Kaaaannn. Masuk Daiso ni taknak beli apa2 pun keluar wajib beli something

  5. I really need to try the makeup brush cleaner. I currently using a dish soap to clean my makeup brushes but why not try Daiso one, right? I recommend you to try Daiso Cotton Puff (pink box one). For me, it is really good and worth the price since you'll get 180pcs for just RM5.90. I also heard that how good Daiso eyebrow pencils are. Need to it too. Hehe 😉

  6. I'm never tried the beauty products at Daiso.. But always buy other else at Daiso. Hehe

  7. Seronok masuk daiso.. tapi bahaya sebab rasa semua macam best je kan.

  8. Dari zaman belajar smpai sekarang pantang nampak Daiso mesti singgah.. kikiki

  9. penah tengok jugak belek2 tapi tak faham sangat sebab semua japanese characters unless few jela yang ade selit2 sikit bahasa inggeris.. menarik sharing ni.. boleh orang lain cuba =)

    1. I will share more if I ever buy another products! Yang penting japanese product memang bagus plus pocket friendly!


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