Why I've Been Missing

Hi everyone. I know it's been really a long time since I posted my last post on February, you never know what I've been through since the first day of my last semester begun. So, how are you guys been doing? Is everything is fine or better?

So basically, I just wanna tell you guys why I've been missing for a month and what I've been up to lately since my last semester has begun. Wow, I can really feel that I'm old enough.

So, here's a few reason why I was missing in action.

1. My dad has been warded for 4 times
This is my biggest reason after all. From the day I started to MIA, my dad was actually been warded because of health problem. 4 times in a month is shocking everyone but that's the fact. I have to go back & forth from home to hospital.

Alhamdulillah, my dad is now getting better. He just needs more rest since yeah, whose parents getting younger & that scares me a lot. I hope my dad will get his health back. I'm not bear to see him sick.

It was 3 times when I types this post, then my dad has been warded all over again... so yeah.

2. I'm sooooo tired
Yes, I'm just totally tired since the first day I went to college. It was nothing. I only have 3 classes in a week with only 2 days but I am just really tired. I drive myself back to college & back to home 2 days after & my body can't help anymore even for just 3 weeks. I need a driver. I need someone to go back to college with me.

The day after I've been at home, I go out just to look for something to buy for college. It was said to be nothing but it's tiring me, everyone. I am just so so tired. Such a weak.

I am now also busy with my new business, I am now doing service for eyelash perming! Those who are in Rembau, can get in touch with me, it's cheap! If you want to do it yourself, or you are far from my area, you guys can get the eyelash perming kit with very affordable price! You guys can compare it with other igshop, Istg.

These are some feedbacks & outcomes! Hit me up girl or just go through my igshop >aifos.my<

3. Internet Connection in Rembau Sucks
Yeah man, it's hard for me to get better connection here. Wifi sucks, same goes to mobile data. I wish i have a better connection here. It's hard for me to even search articles or journals for my assignment, damn what am I doing here. You will never understand how hard it is to stay living in this kind of kelapa sawit area.

Whatever it is, I am now trying so hard to post a post at least once in 2 weeks, I swear I am trying. Time is not on my behalf. Soooo any post I should write later on? Any idea?


  1. It's okay to be mia sometimes if you're not in the best mood for writing. Hopefully your dad gets better and become healthy again. Good to have you back in the blogosphere ;)


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