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Makeup Raya Look

Everyone knows that I'm not into heavy & complicated makeups, so here we go some makeup did I put on during Hari Raya Festive! This is extra look by me because I usually go for extra simple look everyday. I'm sorry but I only love to wear lipstick. Others? Sorry, probably 4-5 times in a year only I put on.

Bio Aqua Moisturizer
Actually.... This should be in my skincare routine before makeup but I don't even know why I put it in the picture (below) but yeah, I'm using Bio Aqua moisturizer which I am not really sure it's effectiveness because I just started using it like a week ago.

Basic Foundation (No Brand)
This basic foundation is used for me to cover all the tiny scars (except for that black spot which is once an acne) on my cheek, because I am not really into concealer because I don't even have any reason. This basic foundation was given by my cousin once ago when she was a MUA & I like it very very much because it is basically good & blend well with my skin! Plus, it is not oily.

Silkygirl BB Cushion
This Silkygirl BB Cushion is totally a great bargain. Besides the price is below RM 50, the texture is matte & I really like it. Since I have concern on oily skin, this makes my skin looks better & not greasy lol. A good to go BB cushion if you have oily skin! I am wearing Natural Beige 01 code even tho my skin is not fair and not dark. 

Next, move on to my eyeshadow!

SMOKY Eyeshadow
I don't remember where I bought this pallete but I freaking love the shades! However, the texture is not pigmented which I have to get a primer to apply it (I don't even have one). So, I only apply a shade which is 4 from right but it's not that obvious cuz the texture is bad. Yes, I blame the texture instead of my makeup skill because I know my makeup skill is even worse. 

iStar Eyeshadow
I used it for shading my nose but I tell you honestly I am freaking bad at it & it does not make any changes & why my nose is so big when I smile???

Avon Eyeliner Stick
I apply a bit of eyeliner stick really close to my eyeliner instead of eyelid because I just want it to look bold & dark, but just a very very small amount of it. Just a little & simple touch up is fine, right?

Avon Magic Lipstick
I love this Avon Magic Lipstick because it gives natural colour to my lips, which I could say backup my matte lipstick if it smudge.

Avon Matte Lipstick
I love this Avon Matte lipstick as it does not dry my lips. However, it is not too matte, it is somehow like powder matte by Maybelline, but I kinda love the texture! It is not too heavy and easy to apply. A great bargain I must say, the price is RM 25 below!

Savee Matte Liquid Lipstick
I love this colour very, very much! But it is not matte at all, it's like a cream lipstick that is not matte, but it does long lasts! I put a thin layer of this lipstick after I apply the Avon Matte Lipstick because I must say that these two combinations are da bomb! However, the latest Savee Matte Liquid is just so bad, I want the old one. The smell & the texture are totally different from the early edition. I HATE IT NOW.

Maybelline Magnum Barbie
Maybelline's mascara is my favourite mascara ever, essence comes after. I must say that this Magnum Barbie is a good to go for everyone who wants their lashes to look great. It does not smudge at all, and waterproof! Cry all day long but still look good.

No Brand Blusher
This no brand blusher I bought once ago from an igshop, I don't remember the name but it was rebrand. Overall, I must say that this blusher is good & the colour is nice! There should be 3 choices but I dropped it last year & actually the last shades that has been damaged is the best colour ever!

No Brand Highlight
This no brand highlight is the same as the blusher, I bought at the same place but sorry I don't really remember the name. This highlight is just good, I am not sure about the other highlights because I rarely wear it. Maybe just once a year.

Johnson's Baby Powder
This is my go to powder ever because it does not make my face oily, I know I am weird because I don't wear compact powder or anything, but this makes me look better. Everyone needs this. And for sure, this powder long lasts better than any other powder!

So here is the result of the makeup raya look by me!

If anyone wonder why my lashes looks like I put on falsies, I actually did perming for my lashes! If you want to perm your lashes to make it look naturally curl & looks like you put on falsies, hit me up or visit my igshop!!!

I hope it is still not too late for me to wish you guys Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin to all muslims out there! Have a great raya, eat more & more ketupat, lemang & rendang!

This year's raya is a bit loss to our family as my grandmother passed away few months ago & so do my uncle. It was such a big loss for us, may Allah grant them Jannah. I celebrate this year's eid at my home, in Melaka & all the family from Perak came here to celebrate with us! Too bad we did not have everyone's picture in, but here's a picture of my complete family in!


  1. I also prefer baby powder more than compact powder. Usually use baby johnson. Do visit my blog

    1. Yesss, because the finishing is amazing compared to other kan xD

  2. jemput singgah ke blog, link blog dah bertukar

  3. Bio Aqua moisturizer nampak macam menarik.
    Selamat Hari Raya Azreen :)


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