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End of My Diploma Life + What I Learned From University Life

I actually have ended my diploma a month ago, but this is the most suitable time for me to post this because I am having a very good time at home, doing nothing. But yes, before I pursue for the next education level, of course I would like to have me-time. Yes, working for the sake of money.

Well, for the very last semester, I only have one final examination which is Marketing Communication & I am very thankful with the assessment marks I received, so I worry less about the Final Examination.

I would like to share with you guys my experience, my struggles during the 3 years of Diploma & Istg that Diploma had been a tough level for me, now I am scared for the next level but I will try my best for it, InsyaAllah.

During the 1st semester, I still remember where I have no friends at all. I do have my school friends which are rolling different courses from me, and their college is too far away from mine, so we couldn't meet always. I am a very shy kind of person, the day where my family dropped me at the college, my tears fell apart. I'm such a crybaby, I am ashamed because I've grown up but why did I cry!!! (Lendu is just 40 mins away from my house lol).

My first friend at Lendu was my housemate, Farah. She is quite friendly while I am not friendly at all & I'm very shy kind of person (unless to someone I really know well). Then my first classmates that I knew at first were Madine and Iffah because they are willing to go to class together. Because... I'm not independent back then.

What I Learned From University Life?

1. Never fully trust your friend - I didn't say that all of my friends are not trustworthy, but I might say some of them. However, that does not stop me from being their friends. It's like, I am a bit off some of those attitudes that I really can't get well along. Some secrets are best to keep to yourself.

2. Knowing which good advisor and which is not - Usually if I have problems with my study or nah, I would seek for my friends' help and advice. However, not all of them give their opinions and support to you. Some of them just happy and don't even care what you are facing. They would bring you down even more. I felt that.

3. Never procrastinate - My procrastination is totally onto the next level. I procrastinate a lot from doing assignments, making decisions and more. Thus, on the very last semester, I managed not to procrastinate a lot. I handled it with a very thoughtful way.

4. Know how to manage my expenses – I am broke ass girl, istg. I would say that college requires a lot of money for food, stationaries, reports, transportation. It’s annoying. But how do I manage my expenses is discipline. I do make sure I spend specific amount a day so that my expenses won’t over my budget.

5. Don’t judge people by word of mouth – This hit me a lot. There are a few people that I dislike because I heard rumors from others. But when I get to know them, they are not really as bad I thought they are. At the end of the day, those people are the ones I’m looking when I need to ask for help or something. Woah, I’m bad.

6. Be punctual – You never know how much punctuality affect yourself as a student & as a human being! I get really pissed with people who are not punctual. I really hate myself when I’m late to class because of my friends or because of myself (but honestly like really honest, it’s always my friend hahaha). I feel like I am not well-disciplined when it happens. That is because I have been taught by my parents whatever it is, do not late, because it might somehow offend lecturers, we never know.

Well yeah, these are some lessons I learned during my 3 years being a student. I am still looking what suits me well for Degree, is it Public Relation, Broadcasting, Advertising or any other major in Masscomm? I need help!

Anyway, to all students out there, enjoy every second of your students life because you’re going to miss it so much. I know Degree life is much harder, but take some time to enjoy yourself but never put studies at the back. We women should be educated to empower ourselves.

While you are at it, do watch my final year project which is video/film making and do give a thumbs up for  my team short film, Buruk. Thank you in advance!


  1. The first point is so true. Never trust your friends, tetambah classmate yang rapat. Sometimes they just, entah lah. Taktahu nak cakap macam mana xD Btw, congratulations ! <3

    1. Yeah, I agree this a lot, but again, not all of them xD Thank you anyway!

  2. Congratulations!

    By the way I second the third point. Never ever ever procrastinate.

  3. all da best for your next journey.

  4. Congrats Azreen. I was once like you too. I went to matrix and was so scared because I was afraid if I can't make friend. My mum introduced me to my first new friend at the matrix. Hahaha. Hopefully you will bloom into a confident woman.

    1. My mum introduced me to my housemates too xD Hopefully I am, Thank you for the wise words <3

  5. haaaih seronoknya university life. if only study itu satu pekerjaan akak rela study sampai bebila hehe..

    1. Kaaaannn. But again, the struggles to yang .... hmmmppphhhh


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