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My Hair-care Routine with Good Virtues Co. Products

Okay, this is a serious talk. I have now updated my hair care routine since the old ones are not really a good one for me, but honestly, I am going to just give an honest review on this, as it doesn't really good to me but I think this is quite a great deals everyone should buy.

Anyone of you ever heard GVC products? I bet you guys ever seen it & knows about Good Virtues Co. products! Well I am attracted to their products because of their packaging for sure! They are definitely have a beautiful & nice packaging. The reason why I bought these 3 things for my hair care routine from now onwards.

Lately, or maybe I can say since I started working, my head feels itchy almost all the time & that is when I realised that I have dandruff problem all over my hair. This is seriously disgusting & tense, I honestly hate dandruff the most & I can't believe I hate it now.

That is when I am eagerly wanted to try a new product for my hair, & I found out that the packaging is more attractive then the ingredients and all, so I bought all of them which are Shampoo, Conditioner & definitely Hair Serum.

For those who doesn't know, before I change my hair care products to GVC, I'm using Loreal Elseve which are quite good, it is suitable for dry hair & yes it does smoothen my hair for few days. But I think my dandruff problem is more important so here it issss.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. This is an honest review, I bought the products myself.

Let's talk about the GVC products one by one, shall we? Anyway, I bought these 3 products from Watsons since I found it nowhere in Guardian :(

Anti-Dandruff Care Shampoo - Nourishing Hair Fall Protection
First of all, the smell of this shampoo is sooo good. I mean it is not as good as any other fragrances but this one smells nice for me especially when you already shampooed your hair & let it dry. Istg it smells so nice!

I can easily detect the smell & it goes all over my house. Interesting

Size: 300 ml
Price: RM 12.16

Anti-Dandruff Care Conditioner - Nourishing Hair Fall Protection
As for conditioner, nothing much but the smell is as good as the shampoo. It might not really good but it goes well when you have applied this to your hair. I am not regret anything when I purchased these items as they are great bargain!

I am in love with this conditioner as it helps to soften my hair & feels smooth. It does not greasy at all, & of course, they are affordable.

Size: 300 ml
Price: RM 12.16

Helpful & Delightful - Multiple Repair Hair Serum
I always wanted to buy a hair serum because I never ever buy any hair serum before & since I bought the shampoo & conditioner from GVC, I think it is better for me to just go with their hair serum as well.

As for the hair serum, the smell is just a common smell for the hair serum which is good. The serum is quite greasy/oily but it goes well & smoothen my hair very well. I love it!

Size: 100 ml
Price: RM16.32 (I got 40% off because I bought other GVC products at once but I'm not sure if it's available lagi ke tak)

Pros & Cons of the products


  • Easily found in stores
  • Cheap & affordable (below RM 20)
  • Has a very nice packaging (pump) & design
  • Smells good
  • Nice texture


  • No changes on my hair

I do think that if you have normal hair, I would really like to suggest you this product because it smells so good. You will love your hair. What I love about this product is that this product is made with organic habbatus sauda oil that definitely repairs dry hair. I heard that their facial cleanser has low pH & I would like to give it a try but maybe I need more reviews about the cleanser before I bought it. Hehehehe

Share your hair-care routine down below & your hair types/concern too!


  1. I'm searching for new brand right now. I dont know until now i didnt solve my hairfall and dandruff problems. Need to figure out that serum also :)

    1. Kaaaan. Same with me but some people suggest me head & shoulders je, sebab banyak good review regarding dandruff

  2. Pros dia banyakk, tapi cons dia tu yg penting sebenarnya :( but still nanti nak try beli!

    1. Kaaaann, kalau nak beli maybe better ambil conditioner je, shampoo try to look for better one

  3. Thank for the review and sharing Informative and Useful blog,
    Mukti Gold Shampoo Continuous application strengthens hair roots, prevents premature greying hair, controls dandruff.

  4. Thanks for the informative blog, it was good to know
    One of the great remedies is Almond oil for shiny hairs

  5. Best sangat produk anti-dandruff tu


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