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Leezo Container Melaka

I know you guys been missing my blog so much, did you? I know I am too busy with my working schedule where I really have no time for myself, plus my blog. I know I procrastinate a lot during my break day but yeah, I was too busy handling other things apart from my blog.

Well, I am now currently not working - which I resigned last week because I am going into University life again as a Degree Student! Alhamdulillah, I got to be in Publishing course which I really wanted to, in UiTM Shah Alam! See you there, SAC.

So today I'm gonna talk about food in Melaka. Put this on one of your must-go place when you reach Melaka. It's all about Leezo Container, Melaka. Well I went there because my colleagues & I just wanted to do some "us time" together as we rarely hangout because of work, you know.

What's all about Leezo Container? You can definitely click Leezo Container Website for more details, about their branches & menus for sure.

Well first, let's talk about the design & concept of the restaurant.

It's all about container & mostly they use steel material to make it looks hipster & for me, it is unique & suits well with the 'Container' name itself. This kind of idea is rare & very useful especially they are using a lot of unused items. Recycle everything & turns it into a great decoration? That's a wow!

We booked a table upstairs so we can see the view & have some private space together however the stairs is too narrow & the safety is off a bit there, I don't think any old folks would go upstairs. Upstairs space is for reservation only, and not applicable for walk-in as far as I know because the workers said so, so if you want to see the view & feeling a bit privacy for you & your friends, make sure to make a reservation!

Well. in my case, we made a reservation one day earlier if I'm not mistaken & when we reached there, they said that they did receive the reservation but not the orders. We had to wait for our food to be served. The person we dealt with didn't inform the person in charge for our order, thus it takes longer time for us to wait. But I would give a thumbs up for their team because they said sorry & served our food as fast as possible & we waited for the food in just 10 minutes! That's impressive because there were a lot of customers anyway, they were surely busy that time.

These are our drinks. Well, I ordered watermelon juice but then they said it's out of stock (betul ke ayat I ni) so then I ordered fresh orange....... blergh. The other two are asam boi apple juice & iced chocolate.

Price for the drinks
Asam boi apple juice : RM 3.50
Iced chocolate : RM 4.90
Fresh orange : RM 3.30

For me, the prices for the drinks are very reasonable & affordable. I can say it is cheap compared to other so-called hipster restaurants which costs about RM 5 for fresh juice. It's worth the price (but I want watermelon juice, please xD)

Leezo meatball that was ordered by my friend looks okay but I'm not into it. For me, the portion is quite reasonable & affordable for the price. Apart from the meatball itself, the side dishes makes it look merrier. But if I had this, I won't eat the red beans but red beans suits well with western dish so I bet it is not a harm xD

Second dish by my friend, chicken chop! The most common western dish for sure. For me, the side dishes & the chicken chop itself is common, just like how the other cafes or restaurants did so I think nothing great or unique about it. Just a normal chicken chop with normal portion size. Pssst, forget to tell you that the fries is good.

So, this is it! My menu for the night. I am a big fan of Aglio Olio so I would definitely order Aglio Olio whenever I went to western's restaurant. Let's talk about the taste of the aglio olio, shall we? For me, since I am myself an aglio oilo lover, I would say that this aglio olio is good, the taste of everything is just nice but it's lack of savoury taste thus it makes a little boring to suit my taste. But I did not deny that it is finger licking good! However, as you can see, the portion for this aglio olio is too small, I mean I might need 2 or 3 plates. As for the seafood ingredients? Definitely nice!

Price for food
Aglio Olio Seafood : RM 13.90
Leezo Meatball : RM 9.90
Chicken Chop : RM 13.90

Overall, I am happy for the price as for me it is very reasonable. If you are anywhere in Melaka, go ahead to this restaurant to feel the great cuisine. The service is good, the staff is friendly (even though we complained a lot about the order, they simply layan us nicely), the service is fast even on a very busy day, the food is good and the environment is so cool Istg. Overall I would give 8/10 for this restaurant!

Recommended? Definitely. Give it a try to enjoy your food & experience here! till we meet again for the next post. What would it be? Another cafe review? Or makeup? Stay tuned!

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post. All the food & drinks are by myself & the photo was taken by myself. 


  1. Seriously harga dia reasonable dah mcm ala ala hispter. Kalau betul kedai hipster, selalu letak harga mahal lagi kan?

  2. The food looks so good and harga pun reasonable sangat! By the way, goodluck starting a new life as Degree student 🤗

    1. Kaaannn, nanti datang Melaka boleh singgah xD Thank you

  3. Thank you, I do follow englisg & malay blog


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