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OOTD Post!

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Been looking for a fashion post to pop on my blog? Now is the time. OOTD entry takes place for this March. Well, this post is not a really highlighting my 'stunning' OOTD, just a simple ones that maybe you look up to & casuals to wear to class or even for a walk.

If you know me well, you will know that I am totally a shy person so to be fashionable & be different is not my thing. I really have zero confidence wearing something good & stunning or even something different. I would go for something casual, easy to wear & make sure nothing special about my outfit because I hate when some catches their eyes on me. Let's get started! Uh wait, before that, please forgive my pose hehehe.

This is my latest OOTD post on instagram, during my degree life now. Well, I usually go for casual wear so it more comfortable for me because I need to walk & hike just to go to my faculty & I know I will sweat a lot. Well, Guess where I bought the bag for my class? MYDIN! Hahaha. Well the jeans faded because I've been wearing it so often.

Tudung/scarf: Unknown
Blouse: Padini - RM 13
Jeans: FYS - RM 39
Shoes: XES - RM 74.90
Bag: Mydin - RM 24.90

This was my first week Diploma in Rembau. Well the place is so nice & I snap a lot of pictures of my OOTD here I was there. Here's on of it!

Tudung/scarf: (my igshop) - RM 15
Blouse: Padini - RM 29
Skinny slack: Bintang Fashion - RM 39
Shoes: Vincci - RM 49 (offer)
Bag: YFS - RM 39

A must OOTD place for Masscomm students in Shah Alam, definitely in front of our faculty! This was my first class here so the wajib this I did is to take my OOTD here after class because everyone did.

Tudung/scarf: (my igshop) - RM 15
Shirt: MC Vogue - RM 59
Jeans: Padini - RM 39 (offer)
Shoes: Chilindo - RM 18
Bag: Voir - RM 49

I look a bit fat than I am in real life so please don't trust picture. I swear I am skinny af but I weigh a lot more than I should be.

Scarf: Pakistani booth - RM 15
Blouse: Padini - RM 19
Jeans: Padini - RM 39 (offer)
Shoes: Vincci - RM 39 (offer)
Bag: Shopee - RM 20

I'm NOT the one in orange colour, please okay. That was a man standing next to me. LOL. However, have you been to Encore, Melaka? It was such a good place to OOTD because the environment is good BUT not the place. Don't expect anything.

Scarf: Pakistani booth - RM 15
Blouse: YFS - RM 39
Jegging: SEED Padini - RM 29
Slip on: Shopee - RM 10
Bag: Shopee - RM 15

Well, basically, you can see that I bought a lot of my outfit from Padini & yes, Padini is one of my go-to brand because it is cheap & too affordable for me. Plus, the clothes are all up-to-date & worth my money with the quality & material of the apparels. As for the shoes, I would go for anything I want to, but I usually will survey Padini-Vincci to look for my sandals, shoes, heels or even flats. I have lots of Vincci shoes because for me, the price is just as good as it's quality.

I will go crazy when Padini announced '4 DAYS SPECIAL' or even '5 DAYS SPECIAL', because that is the only time I can grab anything I want with the cheapest price. I don't mind queuing 100 meters away, as long as I can get everything at the most unexpected prices.

Won't you mind making the same post? Share your OOTD with your readers!


  1. All of the OOTD are nice. It is my type of style to wear. I should check out your ig shop real soon 😉

    Syaza |

    1. I'm no longer active on my business atm but will comeback later with new products, insyaAllah

  2. pewittt! lawa. kalau echa tak dapat nak buat mcm ni sbb tak pandai nak befesyen sangat. nak posing satu hal pulak. tengok orang ootd jelaaa. hihi.

    1. Thank you! I pun kurang confident, especially bila dekat public. But I bear in my mind that people actually don't even care pun kita nak ambil gambar ke apa because most of the time people are minding their own business. Sebab I pun jenis ignorance, orang nak ootd ke apa, biarlah. They have rights to do so xD Bear in mind that no one is looking at you

  3. Simple but still look wow. Cantik!
    Encore tu kalau nk photoshoot mmg cntik. Tp panas skit kan

    1. Thank you! Yesss panas sangat sebab takde pokok2

  4. i am more inclined to casual wear nowaday but working in a government sector means baju kurung or skirts so yeah. also it will take a thousand years for me to actually be rajin enough and do OOTD pics lol.

    1. Yesss, casual wear is the best yet sometimes we tend to be fashionable but yeah, students life so casual is the way


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