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An Open Letter For The Broken Souls

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I am dedicating this open letter to all broken souls especially my friends, who are battling with their own emotions, trying their best to pick up themselves when they are now at their lowest. I know, my friends are going through their hard times now, but remember that you guys are not facing this alone. There are a lot of people who love you guys cuz me too.

I'd like to thank my friends for giving me such inspiration to write this, since I am looking forward to write free-writing posts instead of focusing on what I usually do, I know I have been hiatus on blog for a month, because I am actually picking myself up too, until today. 

All broken souls out there,
remember there are thousands of reasons to be happy, 
why would you waste your time,
thinking, regretting, mourning,
for things that are unnecessary,
for things that will never change,
for things that hurt you,
for things that made you lose yourself.

All broken souls out there, 
things may be hard for you now,
but it will be better later on,
you just need to have faith,
that you will get through this,
you are not alone.

Don't let your thoughts
drown yourself in an ocean
full of guilts 
and regrets
because you never know
where it takes you.

You may think your life is a mess,
when it is actually a bless,
life may teach you to be strong,
so you can get it all along.

-Azreen Sofia-

We can never run away from problems, but problems are made to test how strong we are, and always remember God never tests us beyond our strength. I always remind myself one thing about these problems & all -

You either have to get through this OR live with it

 There's a lot for me to say, but I hope my friends are doing well now, same goes to all broken souls out there, this online letter is for you. I hope you guys enjoy my new kind of writing!

Drop down some motivational quotes you know for the beautiful souls in need 🌸


  1. Let’s hope that for every time that we get hurt or break our heart, there is something somewhere being written to make up for it, to make the happiness due even bigger and laughters even merrier, for after all good things must happen to good people.

  2. hi there! those words are so beautiful, simple yet inspirational :))

  3. Thank you for this beautiful words... :)

  4. Thank you for this, I needed it ;')


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