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Coal Face Soap & Rosa Glow Essence by Kayman Beauty Review

First and foremost, I must tell you that I have been waiting to lay my hands on these products a long time ago. If you read all the feedback and results the products give to consumers, it works totally wonder and that makes me want to try it. Kayman Beauty is a well-known local brand that is safe and guaranteed based on the experiment from its founder itself & that encourages me more to try this out. 

Plus, I don't really trust local brands but seeing the efforts from the founder (literally not timbang kilo type of product) and reading the feedback, I think this product should get attention from ladies out there. Looking forward this product to be exported into international market.

Too much rants, I bought these 2 products which is Coal Face Soap & Rosa Glow Essence for RM 35 and RM 89 respectively. I bought from one of Kayman's agent that covers Shah Alam area. To be frankly honest, I bought these 3 months ago, which was in April. Let's talk about the products one by one, shall we?

Rosa Glow Essence

Ingredients: Water, Cucumber Extract, Glycerine, Beetox-H, Xanthan Gum, Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Alpha Arbutin, Phenoxyethanol
Price: RM 89

First impression, this product is too pricey for a cheapskate like me. Second, I thought it was a glass bottle, but no, a plastic bottle. Third, I thought it smells good (since the name is Rosa), but not really. Fourth, I thought the texture is medium but it's light! This essence works wonder. It has Alpha Arbutin that can brighten your skin.I can say that it has a light texture and it can be applied as a toner. Honestly, I hate the smell of the essence but it is not that bad. I think I'm fine with it. It also has cucumber extract which can soothe out skin.

Coal Face Soap

Ingredients: Pure honey & Activated Charcoal
Price: RM 35

This CFS is a deep cleansing soap which can remove all the dirt on your skin and is very good for those who can't tolerate with oil cleanser products. However, this soap is very drying, so it is not really recommended for dry skin concerns. I think those who have dry skin can go for their CFC because it is hydrating compared to CFS. I can say that after I have tried this soap, my face feels so clean! However, it is too drying for my dry skin, maybe I should change to cleanser soon since I left the soap somewhere 😕

How does CFS and RGE act on my skin?
I have to be frankly honest, my skin was a bit purging when the first time I introduced these products. Don't get me wrong. It was my mistake too. I did introduce both at the same time, plus I did not hydrate myself more that moment. What did I do? Back to basic skincare routine. I focused more on cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen. I stopped using the essence for a week until my skin is back to normal.

Thank God my face is doing better within a week, still using the soap even during the purging phase,  it works fine right after. After just a week, I started to introduce Rosa Glow Essence to my face. I applied the essence after toner, one time a day, then after a few days my face did not acting up, I started to apply it twice a day; on my morning & night routine. 

Well, everyone said this essence works wonder... I must say, IT DOES! It does brighten the spots within 2 weeks, I am amazed because black spots on my face usually takes up to 3 months to fade 😭 I'll never worry black spots to appear whenever I popped the pimples (I accidentally pop it, not even my intention).

Before & after!
Left picture you can see small dots around my face caused by the pimples. Right picture is after with bare face + sunlight hehehe! Within weeks only, all the scars fade.

My current skincare routine
Morning: Cleanser - Toner - Essence by Kayman Beauty - Moisturizer - Sunscreen
Night: Micellar Water - Cleanser - Toner x3 - Essence - Moisturizer + Acne treatment

More about my skincare routine? Maybe on the next post, stay tuned!

Back to the CFS, I would suggest it for acne-prone skin & oily skin concerns, while Rosa Glow Essence suits for all skin types, but don't forget to patch test. Doesn't mean it works on me, works on you too but I must say, this essence is a holy grail product. I don't regret spending for this.

Would I recommend Kayman Beauty?
Definitely, YES. This local brand is too good for you to try. Please break your stigma that local products are not good, because this one is definitely not that 'timbang kilo' products. If you wonder about this product, head to their website at

Have you guys tried any products from Kayman Beauty? 
Share Your experience in the comment below!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post


  1. I've seen good reviews of Kayman from skincare twitter and I'm so TEMPTED! lol

    I'd get it when I get back to Malaysia. Btw, your skin looks stunning!

    1. Istg and I promise you that you'll like the essence fr. Anyway thank you!

  2. Never heard about Kayman Beauty before. Now that you share it, I am so curious and would love to try it :)

    Looking at your skin now really tempted me even more. You have a beautiful skin :)

    Thank you for sharing!

    Fatina Mudz || Amazing Distance

    1. Oh, this one I guarantee you no regret! Thought it's popular on twitter especially, but thank you!

  3. I love the soap! saved my money from doing facials. Skin isnt breaking out bad now. I have mostly acne scars and little bumps but cystic acne, whiteheads and the likes have subsided significantly!

    1. Kaaaannn. I pun nak repurchase soap dia since it is good for eczema, I nak pakai for shower pula xD

  4. I tried both! However only cfs suit my skin. Not sure what is the real problem with my skin, it doesn't cooperate well with the essence. I used it for 3 months long but still couldn't see any difference. Still stick with the cfs simply cs i love it! <33

    1. Ahhh, that's too bad. I'm looking forward to repurchase the soap too xD

  5. Nice..mcm menarik soapnya..bole cr ni

    1. Yes, soap dia memang best! Ingredients pun best

  6. aaaaa nak try tapi essence tu too pricey for student like me huhuhu

    1. Yeah, it's too pricey for me too, I butakan diri je masa beli sebab teringin sangat T_T Might repurchase bila rasa mampu xD

  7. coalface soap is my favourite! i think i'm on my 3rd or 4th soap already :)

  8. How do you know that essence need to be take time to apply it ?

    1. Well, as for me, I did introduced both essence and soap at the same time & when my face started to breakout, I HAVE TO choose one product to stop and I did stop the essence (as soap is a basic skincare routine and essence is just additional). Instead of ditching the important step in skincare, I choose to ditch the one yang less important; essence. I buat macam tu je & it works, Alhamdulillah. Walaupun macam tu, ikut kulit masing2 juga takut ada yang okay dengan essence, bukan dengan soap since it is made form charcoal, an active ingredient. I hope this helps! xx


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