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My Current Playlist (Broken Version)

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I have nonsense mood for the past few days I don't even know why. Some people said I am being sendu all day all night but I'm not really, but sometimes, there are nights 'like that' strike me so I couldn't help myself to avoid. So, here are some songs from my playlist that I'm into at the moment.

Why - Bazzi
Why do you need me when you know you don't need me?
It's tearing you apart
I leave you broken and shaken
And you still call me baby

Never Getting Over You - Colbie Caillat
Take a good look at the pain in my face before you walk away
Memorize all the hurt in my eyes or what I say
I'm gonna give you what you wanted but my heart will never stop
Tell you that I'm fine even though I'm not
You're gonna know for the rest of your life this is true

Thank You For The Broken Heart - J Rice
You were my only but not my last
You showed me lonely, and you made me put you in the past
But the most important thing you ever gave me
Was the one that hurt the most

I Hate You I Love You - Gnash ft Olivia O'brien
Feeling used, but I'm
Still missing you and I can't
See the end of this just wanna feel your kiss
Against my lips and now all this time
Is passing by, but I still can't seem to tell you why
It hurts me every time I see you 
Realize how much I need you

It's You - Ali Gatie
So, please, don't break my heart
Don't tear me apart, I know how it starts
Trust me, I've been broken before
Don't break me again, I am delicate
Please, don't break my heart
Trust me, I've been broken before, 

I've been broken, yeah I know how it feels To be open And then find out your love isn't real

All I Want - Alexandra Porat (Cover) - Kodaline
When you said your last goodbye
I died a little bit inside
I lay in tears in bed all night
Alone without you by my side

Lonely Again - Gnash
Yeah, sometimes I cry, sometimes I die for you
Sometimes I try, sometimes I lie for you
And at the end of the day, I feel broken
'Cause it's been a couple of days since we've spoken
I don't know why, but I'd give my life for you

Empty Space - James Arthur
I'm alone in my head
And lookin' for love in this stranger's bed
But I don't think I'll find it
'Cause only you could fill this empty space
I wanna tell all my friends
But I don't think they would understand
It's somethin' I've decided
'Cause only you could fill this empty space

The Story Never Ends - Lauv
Wound me like a toy spinning too fast
In every direction
How, how could I stay when you lit a match to all my intentions?

This Is My Version - Conor Maynard
And even though you're gone
I'm telling everyone there's nothing wrong
Until I can believe you're not the one
Anything is better than to face up to reality

That's all I have for you now; I actually have a long playlist for my current mood but these are the best I could share with you guys. If you guys have any better songs to add on my playlist, comment down below so I could add them! Anyway, which song above that is your favourite?


  1. i love its you & empty space so so so muchhh.

    u should try listen this song too
    1. Let me down slowly Alec benjamin
    2.Dear no one - tori kelly
    3. what if i never get over you - lady antebelum
    4. Scar - Zara larrson

    1. OMG I have the first 3 in my playlist tooo! Scar by Zara I haven't add it, thank you!

  2. nothing came to my mind lol but this one song called cant help but fallin in love covered by haley reinhart. it's an elvis presley song but haley sang it so melancholicly beautiful. this is not a sendu one but it's probably a good try. pedulikan those peoples saying you're being sendu whatnot, having a good playlist is my sacred life fuels.

    1. OMG I listened to it too! I have it on my playlist. I love the cover from Haley too because the feels are quite different compared to Elvis

  3. I'm listening to broken songs too since it's my mood nowadays. You Don't Know by Katelyn Tarver is my current favourite. Anyway thanks for this list, some I didn't listen to yet so Imma add them to my list hihi

    1. I haven't listen to it, but I'll sure to look for it! Anyway you're welcome hunn.

  4. Nice, sebagai peminat music, sy rase perkongsian ni sangat bagus... Keep it up!

  5. Listening to sad songs can make me sad for no reason. sometimes boleh nangis to my own made up drama in my mind, hahaha ngeng!

    1. Soooo true! Sad songs' vibes are somethings else

  6. never getting over you and the story never ends are my favourite! totally gonna listen to the songs above and add some to my sendu playlist hahaha

    1. Hahahaha 'sendu' playlist definitely my playlist theme


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