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What 2019 Has Taught Me So Far?

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In a blink of an eye, we have reached the end of 2019. Time flies so fast, I still remember celebrating my new year eve at home, and celebrating my birthday 2 days after at work, where I had to go to work because of that one person trying to sabotage me the time I said "I want to celebrate my birthday with this one person, gonna have a small party", lol everything is still fresh on my mind.

Okay put that aside, I have still a lot to talk about my 2019 as it has been a roller coaster ride for me. Laughs and tears have been very synonym to my life all the year. Started off my January a bit bad with all the lies, then February where I quit my job because I further my studies (but in a very bad way) well, then March has been so good and in April I had my Diploma Convocation day & most good things happened on April. And it all went disaster after that. I must say, a totally disaster to my mental health.

Through every up and down, I am also thankful for those people who were there with me, they constantly gave me supports, motivations and even ideas to solve my problems. I know this might be a very touching post for my fiends but also to everyone who indirectly gave me strength to stand still until this day. 

What 2019 Has Taught Me So Far?

1. Never trust an innocent face
This has directly hit some of us, me too, duh. I am not judging people but usually first impression of me towards someone is of course, by the looks, their appearance (Oh well that's bad I know). I did the worst mistakes ever. An innocent face doesn't mean they have innocent attitude. Most of the people with some kind of "innocent faces" are the ones that masking themselves with that face. The devil face they are hiding behind all these masks are now seen when you actually know them, what they told you and what comes out from their mouth. 

Betrayals can be from your closest ones and I felt that. Fought with my friends from school to university, some misunderstanding that was nowhere started and I know it hurts a lot. I know I did mistakes too, everyone make mistakes, either we admit it or not, it is all depends on every one of us. But what had happened has taught me that never assume one's behaviour until I really know them inside out. I did not generalize them, but that's it. Never fully trust a person by how their looks.

2. Never trust soft-spoken peeps
Been there, felt that. Some soft-spoken people tend to juice us with their words and I know that's so related to our daily life. We tend to have the soft spot for these kinds of people and we also are concern to believe everything they said. Been knowing a lot of new people this year since I just pursue my degree this year & met a lot of new people from different base. 

This is why I said that I will never judge a book by its cover. You can see a woman with innocent face but you will never know what's hidden behind that face. You will see a soft-spoken person which their voice would make you calm but you will never know their intention to do so. 

3. People come and go
People may come and go from your life and that is normal. you have to live with it. Doesn't mean they meant the whole world to you and vice versa. That is the bittersweet in life we have to keep in mind. Never beg someone to stay and never ever even romanticize everything especially bad events in your life. It makes you hurt a little bit more. 

4. Always be kind to others
I know I'm bad in someone's story but I never show it and I always pretend like I don't know a thing when I actually know about it. That never stop us from being to each other. Whenever I wanna get mad to someone, I always hold myself back and cried right after.

I can still hold my anger but when someone reached my limit, I'd burst out. My patience has boundaries, too. I always tried my best to be kind to everyone, regardless what they did to me. I know I might accidentally be bad to someone too, that is why we should always be kind to everyone as much as we can. 
Well that's it. It is almost 2020 and of course everyone has their own New Year Resolutions? Mine would just "Be Better", it is broad but it includes everything. Be better in my own personality, my attitude, my academics, my relationship with people, how I treat and act with my surroundings and most importantly is how I am being better for myself, for my own self-growth. It is never easy but it is never hard if you try your best to fight for what you want. 

I hope I can maintain my good relationships with my friends, delete every misunderstanding we had in 2019 and forget all the bad things in between. I wish I can really breath a new fresh air in 2020 and will never have any grudges or hates to anyone.

2019 has been the worst year for me I must year. I had terrible mental breakdown & I fought with some of my friends (high-school to university), and it taught me a lot. Well every friendship ends with apologizing each other because we all like sisters, and it is normal to fight for stupid things sometimes.

I just wanna indirectly tell my friends (I know they are not reading this but-) I love you guys so much. Thank you for supporting me and stay with me especially during my lowest. Thank you for bringing me up whenever everything is not right. Thank you for the motivations and unstoppable supports, you guys make me stronger to face the next day. I still remember those bodies who hugged me that night when I'm broken. Those cheer up letter and texts. I am gonna appreciate that a lot. I also promise that I will always be there support each of you guys whenever you guys are feeling down, but I'll pray that every one of you will find peace and happiness in 2020.

To all my readers especially bloggers out there, 
Happy New Year 
and may the odds be ever in your favour! 


  1. 2019 is tough for me too...but I always wish and pray it will be more better every day and hope that 2020 will be much and more brighter for me for you and for all of us

    no 1 is so true! I hope I could post what's mine today...

    happy new year sweetie Azreen Sofia

    1. InsyaAllah everything will get better in 2020. Would really love to read yours! Happy New Year too!

  2. Let things go. Time will heal. Wishing you a better year ahead. Happy New Year!

    1. InsyaAllah I'm trying my best to let things in 2019 go. Happy New Year too, honey!

  3. May the upcoming new year fill your life with great achievements, personally and professionally. I wish you have another enticing new year. Happy new year <3

    1. InsyaAllah, thank you so much. Happy New Year too & may 2020 be a better year for you

  4. Happy New Year too. All the best for 2020 and I hope everything goes well just like how you want it to be 😊

    Syaza |

  5. You had a rough year in 2019. May this year bring you more joy and happiness. Happy New Year!

  6. I hope it's not too late to wish you Happy New Year!
    You're strong, and I know you can do it!

    May Allah bless you and ease your journey throughout this year. Amiinnn :)

    1. Thank you so much! Happy new year too! Amiiinnnn


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