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Ideas During Covid-19 Restriction Movement Order

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Hi! I know I've been missing in action for a month or two. I am now back for good, I hope I can keep this up forever, pray for me. Well, Malaysia is currently under Restriction Movement Order where we are advised to control our movement and only go out for necessary things, we can't even go across the state border unless for a valid reason.

Plus, even almost everything should be stopped at the moment; except for some services that might be needed for the country and for public. Well yes, I am talking about my studies. We do not have any classes but the most shocking part is even e-learning/class should not be available until 12 April for UiTM (including mid semester break).

Let me start with some ideas during the RMO, these are some ideas that I have done and some might be on the list for me to do sooner.

Binge watch movies/TV series/Netflix
I am still searching for good movies to watch during this quarantine days, so if you have any good movies to share with me (other than Netflix series since I did not subscribe to one), drop your suggestions in the comment down below!

Try out new recipes
Well as you can see at the moment, Dalgona Coffee recipe has gone viral and a lot of people has been influenced to try that out, so do I. I enjoyed making the coffee as I am a sucker for coffee, I'd say it tastes nice, but just like any other normal latte coffee. Apart from that, I saw a lot of people cook and bake during this RMO so I would say trying out new recipe would be a great idea!

Blogging & read blogs
Of course, as a blogger, definitely, this is the right time for you to all out. Make good contents for your readers to read and if you are a reader, go surf blogs on Google and read them away. You can either gain new information or even gain new ideas for something. This is such a good way for you to fill up your free time. 

Do your hobbies
This is one of the greatest way to do during the quarantine time. Do your hobby(ies). One of the way that will lighten up your day and of course, you can even practice more about your talent through your hobby/ies. It is also a thing you love to do so you wouldn't be bored at home.

Watch/make TikTok videos
One of my list. Well, I am a TikTok addict now. I even have an account and I do TikTok for some time. I enjoyed with the apps. You guys should try too! It is a fun application that you guys would totally love it at the end. It's not cringy as you thought it is. 

Play board/video/computer/mobile games
This is the most useful and beneficial thing to do as for me, it can strengthen your relationship between you and your family or even with your friends! I personally do enjoyed playing mobile games and online board games. I would suggest you to download Plato as it has a lot of board games for you to play with your friends! I also just downloaded PES which I kinda like it apart from PUBG since y'all know, I'm a PUBG addict. 

Oh before that, I hope you can enjoy my short video on YouTube of me playing PUBG.
Recorded PUBG Stream:
How To Get Chicken Dinner On PUBG (For beginners):

Play with your makeup
This is the best idea for us women but I am so lazy to put on it. Playing with makeup might be your favourite too, I bet. Since you have nothing to do at home, why don't you play with your makeup & take a selfie & show it off to people? You still can be pretty and outstanding even at your home. 

Major house chores
This is the right time for you to do house chores! I mean, major house chores. As you can't freely go out at the moment, it is very best for you to do the chores with your friends (if you rent one) or with your family! Everyone is sure wants to have a very comfortable place to live in so by doing a major house chores might even help you to prepare for Raya this year.

Do some readings or research
Sometimes, you just feel like reading or doing a research about something you eagerly want to know, am I right? I mean, this not happen to most of us but there are a few group of people would do this. One of the suggested topic would be about the Corona Virus Disease, definitely. Maybe you can check up from where it is from, how it infected people and how to prevent yourself from getting it. 

Exercise, workout or yoga
This is one of the most favourite recommendation for all of us, of course, exercising! Or workout. This could be one of the most beneficial thing to do during this RMO. I personally not-so-workout but all I did was on my bed only, at least there's progression, right? *chuckles*. This RMO will not stop you from having a wasted of time at home.

Overall, I eat, sleep and repeat at home. Nothing more than that. That is just basically my routine since I barely go out when I grew older. I love to be at home more than outside so for me, it is not a big deal to stay at home for these 2 weeks, however a month for me (my school has rescheduled the mid semester break until 12 April) so I'm going to continue my routine as usual (but assignments still going).

Last but not least, what is your suggested routine during this RMO?


  1. i'm loving tiktok as well and currently learning the "savage" and "supalonely" dance moves hahaha XD

  2. same. i'm supposed to have some kind of online classes too but sadly, everything need to be canceled. :(
    i have to agree, tiktok is so addicting! lots of super funny videos which i really enjoy. some people are just so creative it's unbelievable xD

    1. That's quite sad not to meet your friends irl, only online. Yasss, I'm shook that a lot of people can be amazingly creative

  3. Replies
    1. That's a great idea! I wish I am able to run on errand business or something but I'm scared of the risks. Stay safe!

  4. To be honest, since I don't have a job, RMO feels like a normal day to me but more special because everyone's at home including my brother. feels like a long holiday but I must admit, there's a lot of cons than pros in this matter. I wish our world (and country) will go back to normal like before. I feel sad about the less fortunate yang makan gaji hari and saving semua habis. Anyway, stay safe and have a lovely weekend.

    1. As an indoor lover, I'd say the same but it kills me inside too when I can't freely go out with no valid reason. Anyway stay safe too!

  5. even though im used to stay at home, this period just feels longer than usual... i even managed to mess up my routine when it supposed to be my normal day. sigh

    1. Same! I prefer indoor than outdoor but this RMO is actually killing me slowly when I can't have my normal routine back T_T

  6. Hahaha tiktok just got trending because of this covid virus

  7. Honestly if you want something to binge, try anime ^^ You can find animes based on your preferences through myanimelist website ^^

  8. The only thing I didn't do was tiktok. Recently, I delete my tiktok acc even tho i already have thousands of followers haha. I don't regret it.

    1. I play tiktok for 6 months now & addicted to it

  9. I did all except the tiktok (i dont use that app) and exercise haha im too lazy to do that. hihi

    I am also learning a new language, that makes me mentally busy :)

    1. Wow, amazing! I'm just learning new language as part of the subject I have to take so, does this consider too? xD

  10. omg i would never expect to do a tiktok videos but it just make sense. some of the challenges looks so much fun. i was thinking to do more things during mco but the most that i did was playing cod mobile. i used to play pubg mobile though.

  11. Tiktok is fun! I originally thought it was just a platform like Musically but so any knowledge and fun things that I can learn from Tiktok and now I spend most of time there compared to IG.

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